Cody Jefferson Battles: Victory Though The Battle

Every great success story comes from the point of struggle and a detailed process of fighting for success. This is the hero’s journey. 

Success never comes easy; it’s a series of ups and downs, anxieties, joys to reach the goals you set. However, an entrepreneur and a life coach on balancing your professional and work-life give the best tips to achieve your victory. Cody Jefferson is the life coach and owner of Embrace the Lion, a program that offers to coach men aiming to live a legacy in life and business. He recognized the tussle men go through, where they stand up for everyone and overwork themselves to be seen as “men” while striving for those successes. He, too, was a victim of anxiety, imposter syndrome, and the likes.

Cody Jefferson has had a rough time too, where he lost nine family members and friends, going past a public divorce, but overcame it all. He made it his purpose to help people going through tough times due to their perceptions of life. Cody is now one of the most sought after speakers in the country, a leading coach in helping success-minded visionaries find the purpose in their profits. He has developed a community of over 15,000 men and women committed to greatness. Here is how he became victorious over challenges.

  1. Establishing a healthy work-life balance.

Cody Jefferson can’t stress enough the importance of establishing a full professional and personal balance. Unhealthy work-life balance is the main challenge with enthusiastic men, where they tend to focus on one thing over the other. Some are keen on the family, while others are inclined to their business. An ambitious man would only concentrate on scaling his business, but their relationships outside work fail. Those inclined to relationships make their finances suffer. Cody emphasizes creating a balance between the two as it creates a healthy connection on both sides.

You should work for an applicable duration and allow your body to unleash pressures associated with work. Pay attention to your diet, workouts, bonding, spiritual and emotional health. Men should set time for relationships and time to grind. The benefits of creating a balance are to maintain your mental health as it allows for productivity and also becoming a more rounded person.

  1. Seeking help

It can be not easy to get over a situation by yourself, and thus necessary to seek professional help. Professionals are well-trained/skilled in their line of duty, meaning they know their way around different and complex situations.

If you are having challenges in your business, such as constant losses, seek advice from experienced business owners, and learn how they navigated certain situations. Failure is inevitable in any business, and even those with high skills have undergone losses in their entrepreneurial journey. If it’s on matters concerning your health, such as burnouts and depression, you need to seek assistance from psychologists. It’s crucial to uphold your mental state by freeing yourself from pressure.

  1. Focusing on habits other than beliefs. 

This tip is a powerful strategy of fighting your battles, which Cody Jefferson advises. Habits are the acts you cultivate that eventually become your reality. In contrast, beliefs are the thoughts or opinions you come up with or hear from others and are mostly not applicable. People have ideas that by a certain age, they should have a car, bought a house, pet, and probably running three successful businesses. These thoughts will only make you feel inferior and devastated when it fails to take place. Life is complicated and may not happen as you plan, for you are not in control of reality. Attainments are reached at a steady pace and in a rocky situation. 

To achieve your ultimate objective, you need to break down your goals into daily accomplishments, and in which you cultivate a habit to earn a percentage of success daily. It will gradually turn into a mountain of achievement without the pressure that will woo you. It is, therefore, necessary to focus on habits other than forces from beliefs.


It might seem like the end of the world, being in dark spots repeatedly and seemingly difficult to get out of it, but you can turn things around. Just as Cody Jefferson did, he turned his war to victory and now guides thousands of people to live a life free from anxiety and depression and achieve their purpose in life. Follow him in these accounts.



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