How A Layered Approach to Cybersecurity Safeguards Your Data

With millions of people working from home and no longer being under the umbrella of a company’s IT infrastructure, cybersecurity has become a hot topic once again. The shifting sands are making it difficult for businesses to find their feet. The turmoil that supply chains have added on and the overall advancement of cybercrime activity have allowed trapdoors to be improved and set. This is why IT companies, like this managed service provider in Jacksonville, that provide layered security services and practices are valued more than ever before. Every single business owner needs to understand what all this means for them.

Build A Firewall

A firewall is the security barrier that sits between your IT infrastructure and the public network. Firewalls are the first form of protection that we believe you should have in your cloud system. Yes, people’s power is important as good practices avoid viruses, malware and cybercriminals holding you to ransom. But, human beings are flawed creatures, the only thing that can provide a true first line of defense is a good firewall.

Device Safety

Every expert managed services company will tell you that individual device safety is also just as important. Don’t skimp out on good antivirus software! It’s important to have good endpoint security. If each laptop, smartphone, desktop computer or tablet is secured with a good protective software program, it will be another layer of defense.

Scrambling the Data

The most significant service a managed services provider can supply your business is, data encryption. As your business data moves around, it will be scrambled so it can’t be snatched and read as it normally can. As data moves through servers and around the internet, that’s why it is most vulnerable. But before your data is sent out, it will be broken into billions of pieces and rearranged so it cannot be captured or read until it is reassembled by your system and absorbed. 

Good Practices

Usually, how your business is going to be attacked is through email. Who opens and uses email? Your employees! They must also be taught what not to do. If they sense a suspicious email, then don’t click on it. They should never open an email or click on a link that it harbors if they suspect something is not right. Maybe the title is in call caps, or perhaps it’s sent by one of the ‘employees’ but it doesn’t read like how they would speak or normally send an email. This is all part and parcel of good wholesome cybersecurity training and experience.

Smartphone Hole

The one chink in the armor for any business is, smartphones. Businesses have begun to give out smartphones to key people such as C-suite, managers and advisors with clearances. However, they need to download and use good anti-cybercrime apps that can sweep the phone clean of any malware.

If you have any further questions about what a layered approach is and how to implement it, then just contact an IT company when you’re ready to learn how to protect your business in this way.