Lessons From Entrepreneur Anthony Scott Logan

Anthony Scott Logan, the founder and CEO of Noir Agency, has been in the branding industry for several years. This individual has learned all the tips and tricks that can transform any person or business into a reputable brand through strategic positioning and building brands that not only stand out but stand for something. On his Twitter account, his bio reads that they create change for brands of the future. The slogan means they help turn your brand into something beautiful and full of meaning, something that works for different contexts and delights the audience, and something that creates a lasting impact. Some of the most notable clients he has handled include NHS, Skyscanner, Unilever, Social Chain, Snoop Dogg, Emergent Bio Solutions, and Navigator Gas.  

  1. Hire people for skills and not personality

According to a print by Forbes, Anthony Logan’s significant asset is the right team. He even points out a situation that went wrong with the hiring process. According to Logan, they have invested so much in creating a friendly and comfortable working space but went wrong in the management. They, at a point, had to let go of an employee. When Noir Agency was at a growth stage, he said it was necessary to hire an employee with the right skills over personality. It is crucial to establish a competent team.

  1. Be Consistent

In a tweet by Anthony Logan, he says that you don’t have to be different to be successful at anything in life, but be what most people aren’t, which is consistent. The provision of quality services is arguably the most important variable in order to secure the confidence of customers. And being consistent is one way to do that since it shows that you have mastered your competencies and you can apply them accordingly to meet their needs and expectations. Given that there is great competition in industries, expectations should be met or even exceeded to generate trust and loyalty from clients, which in turn can result in referrals that can increase competitive advantage. To ensure quality, there must be a consistent delivery of products and guest services.

  1. Strengthen value to encourage positivity in the people around 

Anthony Logan encourages adding value to everything you do, may it be for your hobby or career. As for any individual, the generation of growth and development is crucial when you begin a task. You want to see positive results and, consequently, exude that energy to the people around you.

In relation to branding, you have to keep in mind that building a brand is not simply making a logo and choosing colors. There must be a purpose behind your brand to present a unique value to your audience, to do the impeccable, and  to stand out from the crowd. This also includes adding meaning to your products and services. According to Anthony, you cannot change people’s purchase decisions, like what and where to buy, but you could work on yourself and encourage positive changes in the people around you. People will love your brand when they recognize that it possesses value. 

Some of the simple steps that lead to achieving significant value are factors like quality, adaptability, reliability, and timely processes. Effective marketing and consistency also accompany it. Despite Anthony Logan’s success, he remains grounded and keeps consistency to date. 

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