How to Create The Ultimate Remote Team for Your Digital Marketing Company

The world has shifted to remote work due to COVID-19 and advances in technology. There are some estimates that conclude that the pandemic has actually brought remote work a few years into the future. Working remotely offers a great sense of freedom as there isn’t a manager looking over your shoulder. The ability to live around the world in a location with a low cost of living allows for maximum savings, while maintaining a high quality of life. Digital marketing professionals are notorious for working remotely as freelancers or as part of agencies. The following are tips to create the ultimate remote team for your digital marketing company. 

You Need Expert Accounting Help 

You are going to have clients of all sizes and payment structures. The fact that digital marketing companies have been known to accept all forms of digital payment makes this even more of a necessity. Business tax consulting is a great example as there are so many tax breaks that you might not know about. Organizing all of the payments that are to be made to contractors and received from clients can be tough. You want to be able to protect yourself in the case of an audit and an experienced accounting firm can help with this. 


The importance of finding the best writers when running a digital marketing campaign cannot be underestimated. Writers will be generating quite a bit of content whether they are blog posts or scripts for videos. Building this team might take some time as you will likely give writers a test assignment or campaign to see their quality of work. You want to focus on writers that can make requested edits quickly and stay on top of their workload. Editorial-minded writers can also assist with editing content for a per piece fee. Build up this part of the business as there is always revenue to be generated when it comes to bulk content creation contracts. 

Sales Professionals

You want to find sales professionals experienced in the industry. There is so much jargon when it comes to digital marketing that not understanding very technical terms can look like a lack of competency. The sales professionals need to set client expectations appropriately. Promising a huge return after only a week then failing can lead to losing a client. Sales professionals also need to make sure that the transition from the sales process to client management is as smooth as ever.

Web Designers

Web designers can allow a digital marketing company to offer a full marketing package from the website build on to continued marketing. Companies that help their clients reach new heights will likely not have an issue with clients leaving as long as results are being produced. Web designers should have a background in SEO as designing client websites for search engines is important. Ranking high on search engines takes into account a variety of factors that deal with website speed, visitor experience, and much more. 

Creating a remote team of digital marketing professionals will be far easier than you think. The difficult part is making sure you find the right individuals to help your company thrive.