Smart Office Makeover Tips

In order to survive, businesses need to be able to respond to any external circumstances. Smart devices are what they need to survive and thrive. In order to take advantage of smart devices, you need to understand what they are and what they can do.

1. Benefits of Smart Products for Businesses

There are many benefits to these devices that make it clear why businesses are jumping on the connectivity bandwagon.

Increased efficiency and lowered costs

These devices provide useful operational insights which management can use to improve and make better choices. Smart products help companies do tasks at a fraction of the cost. They help make the workspace more efficient which can help to save money along the way. 

Increased productivity

Smart devices get to automate tasks, leaving employees more time to make good use of their strengths and apply them to add value to the final product or service. Everyone knows that improved productivity equals profitability.

Better risk management

Smart devices enable management to identify problems before they arise. The better the company is at foreseeing potential faults before they occur, the better it is able to respond to any problem and before it becomes costly.

Better utilization of assets

Smart devices allow you to connect all dots of your business. From supply chains to all of your assets, the better the communication between them, the better the performance and the end result.

2. Smart Office Products and Devices

Before you make any decision, make sure you assess your business needs.

Digital voice assistant

Google Home and Alexa can be great tools to get quick answers to questions, reminders for meetings or deadlines and calling when your hands are busy. Virtual assistance is a convenient tool that can increase your productivity.

Team communication

Using emails often leads to missed emails and an overburdened mailbox. There are various communication tools out there that can suit your unique needs and preferences such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or Facebook’s Workplace.

Smart energy devices

Energy consumption makes a significant portion of any company’s expenses. A smart HVAC operates much more efficiently as it can even use company calendars and weather forecasts to control the temperature in the most efficient way possible. As a consequence, it will save you a significant amount from your PECO utility bill, especially if you add smart lighting with sensors into the equation.

3. Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Office

Evaluating the need for office transformations is an important part of the process because you don’t want to overdo it where it’s not necessary. With all its benefits, technology is not the answer to everything.

Elevate speakers at ear level

Instead of buying new speakers or constantly turning up the volume, you can simply raise your speakers on a platform so they are at ear level. This way you get a much clearer sound without making too much noise.

Get a plant

A nice, green plant will provide you with extra oxygen, liven up your interior and keep you connected to nature. The plant you need does not require a lot of sunlight or maintenance such as English Ivy, Philodendrons and Peace Lilies.

Surround yourself with things that make you feel good

Getting tense and uncomfortable after long hours is part of the job description. That’s why it’s important to have a few useful items at your side that can help you relax and feel good at any time. Pictures of your loved ones or an object that holds emotional value are just a few things that can help put your mind at ease. 

Takeaway – There are a variety of reasons why smart devices are being adopted rapidly by businesses across the globe. They are a precious tool that allows businesses the ability to analyze the collected data and act on it to make their business even more successful. However, at the end of the day, what makes an office effective are the people so the key is to use technology to help them and your business thrive.