How You Can Start Your Freelance Content Writing Career Immediately

The business world has a demand for content like never before due to the average person consuming more content than ever before on account of smart devices. This has left quite a gap for companies needing content which has forced many to start employing freelancers for their content creation. While this article will concentrate on writing there are plenty of other forms of content that businesses need including video, infographics, and even podcasts. The following are tips to help start a flourishing freelance writing career.

Hone Your Writing Skills

Writing much like any other art form can be honed and skills sharpened with practice. Take the time to do research on how to title articles in the best way possible as well as looking into which formats work best for converting web traffic. There are even apps that can help with sentence structure like that of the Hemingway App. Write daily leading up to accepting your first writing jobs as this can help you increase your quality of work.

Start Building a Client Base

The process of building a client base can be exhausting but those writers that offer value and quality work will see clients come back time after time. The most important thing that you can do as a writer is to hit deadlines and communicate clearly. Freelancer platforms like Upwork allow clients to find freelancers as well as offer protection for both on account of a disagreement about payment or the scope of a project.

Partner With Content Production Companies

There are companies out there that need great writers and companies that take care of content production for huge brands. They usually have a writing test to qualify but this can yield consistent work over a long period. One of these sites is You might be put on a project for a year as a client could enjoy your writing and want their brand voice to stay consistent. Look up a few different content production companies as their payment rates and timeline tend to differ immensely.