What Businesses Should Look For In a Digital Marketing Company

The days of having zero online presence and it impacting a business slightly are over as having an online presence could not be more important. The company website is the first impression that many customers get of the company so it is important to make this a good impression. Outsourcing this work is wise for a plethora of companies but it can be difficult to choose which company fits your business’ needs. The following are what businesses should look for when outsourcing their digital marketing.

Results For Other Clients

The first thing that you should do when vetting digital marketing companies is that of asking for results that they have garnered for other clients. If the company states that they have an NDA with all of their clients this should be a warning. The unwillingness to show results for previous clients could be a sign that they have not done quality work for any clients recently. Those clients that have testimonials on the website should be asked for as they are not seeking anonymity.

Detailed Process Of Workflow

You need to know the workflow of a company that is going to be representing your business in the digital space. The last thing that you want is a company to do things that are considered Blackhat SEO as this is just asking for Google to penalize a business’ website. Ask if those working on your project can work using time tracking software if possible as some of these companies charge hourly versus on a project by project basis.

Ask For Some Of Their Publishers

Most digital marketing campaigns include publishing content with a backlink to the client website. Ask for samples of some of their publishers to see if they are legitimate publications or they simply publish paid posts under the guise of being a website visited by real traffic. Reach out to a few of these publications and you should receive an answer of whether they take paid posts or have a real editorial process.