In-House Or Outsourced: Factors That Can Impact How A Business Handles Marketing

One area where plenty of small business owners run into problems is when they are deciding whether to outsource or keep marketing in office. The costs of staffing an in-house team can be immense if you are hiring established marketing professionals. Those companies overseas can do the same quality of work for a fraction of the price for the most part which intrigues plenty of businesses. The following are factors that impact whether a company should keep marketing in the office or outsource it.


Certain industries are going to be much more difficult to market in than others. A very technical industry like that of companies offering engineering software might have to stay in-house as an outsourced company might not understand the industry in-depth. Other issues come along with legal aspects as specific language cannot be used. For example, mesothelioma compensation has to be done with tact as fines can be incurred for using certain language.

Marketing Budget

The marketing budget needs to be healthy in order to hire marketing staff. Outsourcing this can save money but does not always guarantee results much like having a marketing team in-house. Do an assessment of whether it is even possible to hire before outsourcing as you want to cover all bases. For companies with a few thousand dollars per month need to outsource as at most you could hire one person with that budget.

Current Employees With Marketing Experience

If you have current employees with digital marketing experience try them out in a marketing position. The best case scenario is that they are extremely proficient and can do their current job as well as market effectively. This gives the company the ability to stop the project or campaign if the employee simply is not performing then they can go back to their original role. Small companies should have employees that are versatile for this reason as it can help with production as well as save the company money.