Don’t Ignore Marketing Opportunities on Instagram

Becoming a swiftly important part of marketing, Instagram is one of the brightest hopes on social media for marketing a brand or business — this is really true of fashion, food, beauty, and retail. How many users does Instagram have right now? Over a billion. And that’s a market that can repay working many times over. About 500 million users on on it on a daily basis. And here’s the real good news: about eighty percent of all Instagram account users follow at least one business or brand.


Brands like Adidas are using User Generated Content on Instagram with great effect. Not just professional athletes and recognized influencers are part of their Instagram marketing campaign, but common everyday people, people who run an occasional marathon or go hiking on the wekends — these kind of non-influential people are the real stars of Adidas’ Instagram pitches — and their click to land page ratio goes to prove it. However all brands should have several options, like infographic templates, for their influencers to use on demand.

Dump the amateur photography

Food companies like Pillsbury can afford the best photography available to make their products look appetizing to the max. But even a small food enterprise can afford a few professionally done portraits of their best offerings, so that Instagram users will start to salivate and then start clicking. Bad photography is so 1990 when it comes to marketing. Make the product look good and sales will increase — that’s the mantra for Instagram success.