In Marketing, Content is Still King

Think of content as food. Food that advertising and marketing departments depend on to sustain their campaigns and keep their companies going and growing.  Food that consumers need in order to make informed purchasing choices. If the food is rich and nourishing, and not too hard to obtain, then everyone is happy and functions well. But if the food, if the content, is nothing but empty calories and stale, adulterated material, then no one is benefited.

Yet how often do websites, even in the biggest and most aggressive companies, try to pass content on to consumers that lacks any nutrition! Consumers will feast on content only if:

It contains information of value to the consumer. This would include facts and figures from standard recognized sources, not made up, obscure, or compromised sources. When content is meaty and substantial, consumers feel their time is well spent reading it and are then more likely to respond to a call to action.

They recognize it can benefit them directly, like a healthy organic salad or a low carb dog food for their loyal family pet. Marketers would do well to see that their post content always includes some kind of special bargain or reward for those who take the trouble to click through to landing pages and special niche pages, where conversion is much more likely to lead to a sale and turn a one time customer into a dependable and steady customer.