Law Firms Are Getting More Aggressive With Digital Marketing

Half a century ago law firms in the United States were banned from overt advertising on radio, TV, and in the newspapers. Lawyers were expected to produce such outstanding results for their clients that ‘word of mouth’ alone would give them all the business they needed. It was considered beneath the dignity of such a lofty profession to advertise for customers through the vulgar channels of publicity.

All that has changed, of course, and today law firms are among the most innovative and aggressive advertisers in every branch of media, from bus stops to television to social media. The fact is that law schools have produced so many lawyers in the past twenty years that even the biggest law firms have to scramble to obtain enough work to keep them in the red. The competition is fierce.

Law firms that want to use the internet for maximum marketing benefit know that organic search results are the key. That’s because consumers don’t look up lawyers or law firms by name, they do it by what kind of lawyer they need — criminal, corporate, DUI, tax, etc.  So it stands to reason that the law firm that manages to get their name at the top of the SEO list under as many different key words as possible is the one that the most people are going to contact first when they need legal counsel. Law firms that keep that uppermost in their marketing strategy will prosper this coming year. The right marketing plan for a personal injury attorney can lead to immense amounts of additional revenue for a firm.