Why You Should Consider Private Dentistry

Across the country, dentists are under immense pressure to satisfy an explosion in demand for their services. For many dentists, this has led to burnout. However, this unique moment in history when demand for dental services is so high, offers hope for dentists. By moving into private practice, dentists can renew their love for dentistry, knowing that there are enough engines of demand in the economy to build a successful business. Dentists can, then, achieve work-life balance and enjoy their success. 

Demand is High

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings for dentists are expected to grow at 6% a year, with 5,100 new openings created every year. This is a strong level of growth that reflects the ongoing demand for dental cases. 

In many cases, dentists are experiencing an intolerable workload because of all the pent-up demand released after the pandemic. Dentists are struggling with anxiety, depression and burnout, due to the burden of dealing with an explosion in demand for their services. What this tells us is that dentists moving into private practice will be able to get patients, assuming the right level of dental care is offered. 

For rural communities, there is a deep and growing problem of access to dental services. Rural, underserved communities suffer because dentists tend to want to operate from cities, meaning that rural communities have to travel great distances to access dental services. The growth in job openings does not then reveal the real picture in terms of demand. Due to geographical isolation, rural communities have a large and unmet demand for dentists. 

Consequently, rural communities suffer from a mass of dental problems. Tooth decay is common among children. The risk of advanced periodontal disease and of an abscess developing, are high for adults. Children are forced to miss many school days, and adults are forced to miss many work days, due to dental problems. 

The Zoom Boom 

Since the start of the pandemic, cosmetic dentists have experienced a “Zoom boom”. This phenomenon has been so-called because the shift to video conferencing facilities made people more aware of how they looked on Zoom and other platforms. For many people, this resulted in them flocking to cosmetic dentists in order to get their teeth fixed. 

GA Family Dental & Facial Aesthetics has found that, since the start of the pandemic, the most popular treatments have been cleaning, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, and dental implants. The Zoom boom is sustained by the growing importance of Instagram and other visual based social media. 

Control Your Work-Life Balance

One of the most important outcomes of the Great Resignation has been the realisation that millions of Americans want to lead more balanced lives. The search for work-life balance affects dentists as well. Moving into private practice allows dentists to have more control over their schedules and workload. 

For many dentists, the move to private dentistry renews their love for dentistry, at a time when dentists are under immense pressure.  Private dentistry is the move dentists need to make to be happier without sacrificing their economic stability.