5 Creative Ways to Raise Money for Your School’s PTO

Most people are familiar with PTO as a charity organization, but it is not the only way parents can help their children’s school. There are many ways you can raise money, and whether or not you would like to contribute financially, these five unique and creative concepts are sure to inspire you.

1. Create a Charity Event

As a parent, there is nothing that you can do that is out of bounds. Start by writing down your unique talents, skills, and experiences. From there, you can see what areas you have a natural ability in. Once you’ve narrowed it down, think of an event you could host.

Maybe you are a brilliant chef and can put together a dinner with all of the school’s parents and their children. Or maybe you run an animal rescue club and feel that your group’s fundraiser would be to take the kids on a hike to collect donations for the school. The more detailed your idea is, the easier it will be to get people excited about it.

2. Host an Auction

You don’t need to be club president to do this. You will need an open space, online access, and plenty of time to host a successful auction. Start by sending out invitations with your event’s date, time, and location. Then create a website advertising what each item is and how much it will cost to bid on it. The more things you have for auction, the higher your chances of getting people interested in what you offer.

3. Have a Dinner Theater

Whether one night of the year or every Friday during the school year, a dinner theater is sure to be a hit. As a bonus, you can invite couples interested in getting to know each other and looking for quality entertainment. The way you present your event will determine how successful it will be.

4. Sell Apparel With School Name or Logo

Selling custom apparel with the school’s name or logo as part of the design is a great way to raise money for your school and will allow people to show their school pride. You can even allow students and staff to wear the custom apparel during the school year to generate school spirit.

5. Run a Fundraiser Through Your Job or Business

If you own your own business, this is an easy task for you. Contact your local newspaper and ask them what kind of exposure you can get by donating money to the school’s PTO and promoting your business. Create special coupons and pass them out at work. If you are in charge of planning special events at your place of employment, including a mention or donation of some sort would also be a nice touch.

There are many ways to raise money for your school’s PTO, but with any fundraising campaign, it is important to create some fundraiser. The PTO is a great way to contribute to the school and let kids know that their parents and teachers care about them.