6 Tips for Finding a Lawyer to Handle a Juvenile Legal Case

Finding a lawyer to handle a juvenile legal case can be tricky. There are many factors to consider when choosing a lawyer. The biggest question is whether your child’s case is complex or simple. This can depend on the facts and circumstances of your situation, your child’s age, emotional state, and other factors.

1. Ask for Recommendations From Family or Friends

If you know anything about your legal rights, chances are high that you have at least a few friends or family members who have been involved in the justice system. Ask them for referrals to lawyers in their area of expertise; some will be more qualified than others, but it’s generally best to find someone that’s friendly and easy to work with.

2. Find a Lawyer Who Works With Juvenile Cases

Finding a lawyer who works with juveniles is essential when you have a juvenile legal case. Many attorneys have no experience working with youths in the juvenile court system, and those that do may not understand the unique circumstances of adolescents. In addition to finding out what kind of experience your potential attorney has, ask how often they help clients with juvenile cases. Also, make sure they offer at least one free consultation so you can ask them questions before committing to hiring them.

3. Choose an Attorney Who Is Easy to Communicate With

Choosing an attorney who can communicate clearly and effectively with you is essential. Your attorney should understand your situation and make you comfortable during your conversation with them. Additionally, you must choose an attorney knowledgeable about your kid’s specific case and your rights as a parent or guardian. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions.

4. Make Sure the Lawyer Is Licensed and in Good Standing

When looking for a lawyer, check that the lawyer is licensed, in good standing, and based in your state. Even if a lawyer is a member of an organization like the American Bar Association (ABA), they might not meet these criteria.

5. Look at the Lawyer’s Track Record

A good lawyer is not necessarily someone who has a degree or specific practice experience. The best lawyers usually have an impressive record of success in either a particular area of the law or in helping their clients achieve a goal.

6. Make Sure That You Can Afford the Lawyer

It’s a good idea to seek out an affordable lawyer. If your case costs tens of thousands of dollars, you don’t want to be forced to pay upfront. The money factor is one thing that can be tricky when finding a lawyer. While it’s not always necessary, having an attorney handle every aspect of your case from start to finish helps prevent mistakes and ensures everything goes smoothly.

Although looking for a juvenile lawyer can certainly be somewhat intimidating, you and your child must find the best possible legal representation to ensure the best outcome in your case. Your attorney will likely handle everything from start to finish, so keep these things in mind as you search for your new lawyer.