Know Your Social Media Audience to Build Your Brand

Since the first social media platforms have come into play, we’ve seen massive growth in this arena. Today, virtually every post-adolescent American is on some form of social media, and most often more than one. 

This is where we get our news, keep up with trends and pop culture, interact with friends, and even with celebrities and with brands. Social media is the funnel through which we now receive much of our information and a significant portion of our social interactions and influences. 

Now more than ever, it’s vital for influencers and brands to be able to function well on social media platforms, which definitely are not best used with a “one size fits all” post or engagement. 

Success on social media requires information and study of the target audience and of the kinds of posts they expect from various platforms. It takes some time, and three different phases, but this energy is all well placed. 

In phase one, you’ll find the right audience by developing your content; set your foundation and use data to refine it; and familiarize yourself with the needs of your target audience. 

Phase two is all about setting the tone and learning the best timing; and phase three is all about keeping a steady pace and using data to make small changes.  

Learning to use social media platforms to your greatest advantage takes patience and practice, but it has to be a priority for individuals and brands that want to stay relevant to younger generations.

Finding A Perfect Audience
Source: Bang Productions