Where IT is Heading in 2022

This is a topic of hot debate in the technology sector. In fact, it’s been the same question on everyone’s mind for several years now: “Where is IT going?” We all have our opinions on where we believe information technology is heading – but what do those who have been working in the industry have to say?

In a recent survey conducted by www.usb-software.com , the opinions of IT professionals are shared.

  • 58% say that cloud computing will become more fully adopted throughout businesses in 2022, while 34% believe it has not yet impacted the business world at all
  • 38% believe artificial intelligence (e.g., Siri) will become a daily part of our lives in 2022, while 34% believe it will have little effect on our day to day activities
  • 50% say that 3D printing technology will be widely used by businesses in 2022 – however only 10% claim they are currently using this type of technology

Finally, the question we all want to know: Will email be a thing of the past in 2022? It’s up to you to decide!

Time to Update Your IT System

Outsourcing your IT management to an IT Company is one of the best things you can do for your business. They can take care of everything, from servers and software to desktops, laptops, smartphones and even the power grid. By outsourcing your IT management you will free up so much time for your business – time that would have been otherwise spent tinkering with computer problems!

An IT company can protect you from the rising numbers of cyber attacks your business will see. All of those viruses and malware attacks that you read about in the news happen because people fail to update their systems with the latest security patches! We all know how frustrating it can be when our computers run slow – but imagine what happens when your system crashes and loses an entire day’s work due to a virus! Don’t let that happen to your business!

IT companies use their expertise to keep track of everything that is happening on the Internet so you don’t have to. By putting a stop to those viruses as soon as possible, you will save yourself from further damage and loss of productivity. Your IT company will also help educate your employees about how they can protect themselves online.