How to Get Your Rental Property Ready for Renters

One of the fastest ways to increase your rental income is by renting out a rental property. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a landlord, now is a great time! Many renters are looking for rental properties and it won’t be long before every rental property in your area fills up, if they haven’t already.

Get It Cleaned Up Before Renters Move In

Even if you have lived in your rental property, chances are that it has been a while since everything was thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom . When you’re preparing for rental turnover, start by giving the entire place a good deep clean with all-purpose cleaning solution and warm water. Scrub away stains on floors and walls as well as soap scum and mildew in the showers and around the tubs. Make sure all of your rental property’s appliances are clean as well, including the oven and stove top.

Get Rid of Unwanted Things

Getting rid of unwanted things is another great way to get a rental property ready for rental turnover. Remove personal items from closets and dressers so renters don’t have to pick through your belongings when they move in. If you have old furniture that will just take up space, consider having it hauled away or giving it away. You can even give away clothing that no longer fits you or has never been worn! Take out anything that belongs at a landfill, be it food scraps, dirty diapers, broken electronics, hazardous materials, or outdated documents.

Make Sure the Utilities Work

One of things rental property owners worry about when they’re getting ready for rental turnover is making sure that all of their rental property’s appliances and amenities work properly. You don’t want your rental property to be inhabitable because you didn’t check the temperature in the oven or because the washer machine broke. Before renters move in, thoroughly test all of your rental properties electrical outlets and replace any worn-out light bulbs. It’s also a good idea to test faucets, sinks, and toilets before rental turnover to make sure there aren’t any problems.

Clean Out Your Closets

Your closets should be one of the easiest places in your rental property to clean out because you can put all of your rental property’s unwanted items in there. Go through your closets, cabinets, and dressers thoroughly to make sure none of your rental properties and personal belongings are cluttering up the space. While you’re at it, clean out the insides of any rental property closets that are dirty or dusty so they look nice and neat when renters move in.

Don’t Forget Your Car

Don’t forget about cleaning out your rental property’s car as well! Just like rental properties, vehicles need a thorough deep clean before rental turnover as well. It’s also a good idea to give rental property vehicles a quick once-over to ensure that everything works properly. You wouldn’t want to turn over management of rental property vehicles to renters and then have them break down or run out of gas, would you? Make sure rental property cars are in good working order and filled up with gas before rental turnover.

When your rental property has been thoroughly cleaned, organized, and maintenance-ed, it will be ready for rental turnover. Before rental turnover, consider having rental properties professionally photographed so they look their best when renters visit rental property listings online.

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