5 Landscaping and Hardscaping Tips to Make Your Pool Come to Life

So you’re getting ready to dive into the summer with an amazing pool.

Now, all you need is landscaping and hardscaping ideas to make it come alive. When landscaping your backyard for fun in the sun and excitement under the moonlight, here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Find a focal point for your pool.

Whether it be a water feature or a piece of art that you want to highlight, this point will bring the eye from one place to another and make your yard a whole lot more interesting. Whether it’s a fountain, a statue, a walled-in gazebo, or an outdoor fireplace – make sure there is definition between the hardscaping and landscaping.

2. Choose a material that works with your pool theme.

Consider what your exterior will be made from when designing your garden – you may need to make adjustments in order to get everything to work together harmoniously.

3. Add an interesting view or architectural detail to break up the monotony.

If you have a large area that is mostly a pool, break it up by adding an interesting detail or architectural element to provide some relief from the sameness. A nice way to do this is to line the hardscape with something of interest – maybe plant rows of tall bamboo along one side of your yard, or create a unique walkway with stepping stones and garden art.

4. Create some shade for those hot summer days.

Your pool, patio, or deck need as much sun as you can give them throughout the day so they don’t overheat, but after a long day of fun, everyone needs a place to relax in the shade and cool off. Consider adding trees and other landscaping features to help create a shaded area where your family and friends can relax.

5. Pick the perfect plants.

The right foliage will add color and interest to your landscape design, making it look more polished and inviting. It’s not just the “bushes” and “flowers” that people notice in your landscape design – it’s the small details that make all the difference.

Bonus tip: Having a shed to hide pool cleaning and yard maintenance tools will make your area more appealing.

Now you know how to take your backyard from boring to beautiful with landscaping and hardscaping tips! Each of these ideas is easy to create, so what are you waiting for? Get started today on creating your summer oasis!