Home Design Tips: How to Add Contrast to Your Space

Whether you are designing an entire home or just adding small touches to your current home, one of the most important things you can do is to include contrast. Contrast can be used in any home design project and will stand out as the star of the design.

What is contrast? Contrast is a difference between objects that draws attention together for a single purpose. It can be the difference in color, texture, patterns, or even design elements like furniture types—contrast can be found in everything.

How do I incorporate contrast into home design? There are several things you can do to add contrast to your home, here are some of our favorites!

Home Design Tip #1: Furniture 

First off is furniture. If you have all one type of furniture in your home, it can be difficult to create contrast. By contrasting different types of furniture in your home, you can easily add visual interest without much hassle at all! One way you can do this is by pairing mid-century modern couches with mid-century modern armchairs or coffee tables for a pop of color and design aesthetics.

Whether it’s your kitchen cabinets, your dining table, or your area rugs, there are several ways to add contrast to your home using furniture.

Home Design Tip #2: Home Decor

Second is home décor! You can use home décor such as pillows, wall art, vases, and more to add contrast to your home by picking items with bright colors. While this may seem simple it can really bring a home to life and the best part is that you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of new home décor items. 

Simply repurposing decor you already have can create the home design transformation you’ve been looking for!

Home Design Tip #3: Color

Next is color. For those of you who love color, this home design tip is sure to be a favorite! By choosing bright bold colors, such as red, yellow, or orange you can really make a home pop. Not only are these colors vibrant but they are also known to be the easiest colors to match with. 

So for all of you home décor beginners out there, this home design tip is perfect! All you have to do is grab any accent color and go—it’s that simple.

Home Design Tip #4: Home Decor Accessories 

Lastly is home decor accessories, these can be anything from furniture to home décor. By using home decor accessories on your windows you can create a focal point. This is an excellent way to instantly bring attention to something specific in the home! It may not seem like much but it can transform any home into a home that stands out—just like you!

These home design tips are meant to guide you away from home design trends and focus on home design principles. It’s all about choosing the right items for your home, which will automatically help create a home that is unique to you.

Whether you are looking to makeover your entire home or just add small touches to existing home design, home design tips are a great way to start the home redesign process.