Factory of the Future

Did you know that manufacturing is responsible for 54% of energy consumption and 20% of emissions worldwide? Those percentages may seem staggering, but there’s definitely a plus side. Having so much environmental damage coming from one industry means that making changes to that one industry can have the reverse effect. In fact, changing just 5 areas of manufacturing to be more sustainable would decrease emissions equal to the amount of removing all forms of modern transportation, and the great news is that it can be done! 

As with so many things, the COVID pandemic highlighted several areas of weakness in the manufacturing industry, and the truth is that the whole industry needs to be updated. 

Using new technologies such as AI and IoT, the manufacturing industry can start leading the way in “green” initiatives. The beginning of these changes come through shared data and connected tech. Also, incorporating end-to-end visibility, predictive maintenance, and converting waste products into resources will help increase efficiency and sustainability. 

Creating a sustainable manufacturing operation would naturally breed further innovation, not to mention improving company image. With adaptable technology, scalable production, and a versatile workforce, the manufacturing industry would be well on its way to achieving much-needed updates and to carving a new path for sustainability and emissions reduction. 

Learn how the factory of the future is being built in the infographic below:

Factory of the Future