How Does Automation Increase Productivity?

Does your department feel chaotic, mismanaged, or frustratingly inefficient? From glaring issues to minor time-wasting tasks, there are a number of situations that may be holding back your productivity. It’s time to make a change in your workflow.

Find out how workflow automation can streamline company-wide operations and improve productivity in human resources, sales, finance, or other departments by removing these productivity roadblocks:

  • Manual, menial tasks
  • Disorganized business operations
  • Micromanagement
  • Unscalable organization
  • Inconsistent end products

These productivity hurdles can be overcome with an industry-leading workflow automation solution.

Reduces Time Spent on Menial Tasks

It’s time to stop shuffling papers and attending ineffective meetings. Menial tasks are an unfortunate reality of the workplace, but some employees spend over three hours a day on menial tasks that could be automated. Sales reps only spend up to 36% of their time selling.

Workflow automation is your solution to menial tasks that are time-wasters and inefficient operations that drain productivity. An automated workflow takes repetitive, simple tasks and hands them over to intuitive software. This solution reduces the number of menial tasks that your highly skilled, highly paid employees need to handle.

Tracks Business Operations

Inter- and intra-department communication is an essential feature of workflow automation. Digital tracking keeps you and your entire team on the same page in terms of business operations. This service avoids important files becoming lost or critical tasks left undone.

Take the pulse of your company without subjecting them to endless meetings or other inefficient processes. An automated business tracking solution gives you the key information you need about business operations, in real time, so you never have to wonder what’s happening with an important task or client.

Cuts Back on Micromanagement

Micromanagement is not only a stressful, unpleasant experience for your staff, but it wastes everyone’s time. Approximately 20% of CEO work time can be automated. Invest your time in business growth and productive tasks, not monitoring employee work in a micromanaging way.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore what’s happening at all levels of your department or company. By automating workflow systems, you free up time to focus on improving employee morale and improving the team culture of your business.

Promotes Scalability

A scalable company can expand the size and number of teams and allow them to still work in a synchronized way. With workflow automation, you can remove bottlenecks and connect with a growing company with the same personalized, efficient communication.

Scalability is often a major hurdle in productivity. What worked so well with a team of five can suddenly feel chaotic and inefficient with a team of 50. Some business growth periods occur rapidly, so you need an automated workflow system in place before you start hiring and expanding your team.

Refines End Product

An automated workflow reduces the risk of human error throughout the process. This can help you make a more streamlined product or offer a service with greater levels of consistency and efficiency. A consistent product reduces the time spent on reworking inconsistent products and fixing mistakes.

Your end product also benefits from team specialization. When you free your team from menial tasks and micromanagement situations, you give them more time to do what they do best. Specialized workflow and operational systems can lead to exponential business growth and end product refinement to grow your vision.

This process takes creativity. The end product of a human resources department looks very different from a finance company, so you need a flexible automation process to tailor it to your end product and company goals.

Find Your Workflow Automation Solution

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