CBD Oil, Sport and Regeneration

CBD oil contains cannabidiol as its main ingredient, which is one of the cannabinoids like THC. But unlike THC, CBD does not have a psychoactive effect, although its chemical structure differs only slightly!

In addition to many different positive effects on your health, CBD oil can primarily promote your sleep and regeneration.

Every sports enthusiast knows how essential both are for high athletic performance. Find out how CBD oil can support this in this article!

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Cannabinoids in the hemp plant

The main constituents of the hemp plant ( Cannabis sativa ) are cannabinoids, of which around 60 have been extracted so far. They interact with receptors in your body and spread their effects mainly in your nervous system and brain.

The best-known cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is found in cannabis. It promotes the release of dopamine, which turns into euphoria and happiness that cause and increase your well-being. That is why its effect is called psychoactive.

The difference between CBD and THC

CBD and THC differ in their chemical formula. In recent years, cannabidiol (CBD) has emerged as the second most crucial cannabinoid because it is not psychoactive. It does not belong to the intoxicants and also has many positive, therapeutic effects.

Therefore, according to the latest case law, CBD oil is also legally available in the UK. You can use its positive effects in the form of drops without hesitation. It is important to note, however, that CBD oil is not the same as cannabis oil.

CBD oil for regeneration after sport

Your body naturally has its own immunological protective mechanisms. Sometimes, however, the inflammation may not regulate itself down again. CBD oil can help your body cells maintain your immune system.

Why is that? CBD is involved in the modulation of the factor TNF-α , which is expelled as a support in inflammatory processes and is responsible, for example, for the development of fever. In addition, CBD inhibits the NF-κB signalling pathway, which plays an essential role in severe inflammation.

Many top athletes use CBD oil after intensive training to support the natural processes of strength training in the body and increase the regeneration of muscles. Many top athletes use CBD oil after intensive training! The CBD contained in the oil can support the protection of the cells through its anti-inflammatory effect and thus enable faster regeneration.

If you like to train often and intensely, the oil could help you deliver properly. Here, too, it is vital to find and adapt the individual dose. Depending on the physical activity, a different CBD oil dosage is helpful. Just give it a try!

CBD oil for sleep promotion

On average, humans spend a third of their lives sleeping. You probably already know how important sleep is to you!

  • Good to know: It is necessary for your body’s biological and physiological regeneration processes and essential to process and store all information and stimuli of your day. A good and efficient sleep permanently increases your mental performance and, of course, helps you to be productive in sport.

Sleep problems, on the other hand, are common worldwide. A distinction can be made between falling asleep and sleeping through the night, regular waking up in between or simply no restful sleep. Everyone has to struggle with such difficulties at times. Maybe you know that yourself from one or the other situation.

The consequences of such difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep can be a lack of energy, drive and motivation in the following days, as well as a severe reduction in your concentration and performance. In addition, it can negatively affect your everyday life.

CBD can help you sleep better

CBD from CBD oil and its health effects have already been explored in several scientific studies. The interesting thing is that cannabidiol receptors are present in so many places in your body.

In particular, the use of CBD oil to promote sleep and after training in athletes seems to be a fascinating field, but further research needs to be carried out to make reliable statements.

As a natural dietary supplement, it is already prevalent among athletes. It works individually for everyone. Just give it a try with the best CBD oils online from JustBob.shop.