A Beginners Guide To Preventative Botox

However, those “in the know” about wrinkles and prevention can tell you that taking Botox early may prevent the long-term signs of aging and wrinkles. Self notes that, in recent years, the average age of people getting their first Botox treatment has dropped significantly. Most of us don’t even notice wrinkles in our 20s, and some with eternal young skin might not even see aging signs until their late 30s and early 40s. Yet, even so, preventative Botox maybe something they may want to consider.

Why Use Preventative Shots?

The lines and creases that we call wrinkles are a natural part of aging. The American Academy of Ophthalmology notes that Botox can help stop these wrinkles from being so pronounced by causing the muscles responsible for the contractions to weaken and release their hold on your facial skin. As we age, those wrinkles might spell disaster for our youth for many of us, and we try everything possible to avoid them. Even those of us who are deathly afraid of needles work up the courage to get stuck so that we don’t have to deal with the reminders of our aging. But there might be a better way with preventative treatments.

The downside is that Botox tends to be a treatment that you can’t take a single shot and move on with your life. Botox is a toxin, and your body naturally breaks it down after some time. Afterward, the muscle that the toxin weakens regains its strength again and starts pulling on your facial features. As a result, if you take a Botox treatment, you’ll probably need to keep taking treatments if you want to maintain your skin’s fresh, youthful tone into your old age. What’s more, early treatment tends to stop the formation of these wrinkles, meaning that you’re not likely to see any change as you take the treatment later on in life. The same lack of wrinkles you had before will be visible now.

A Commitment To Last Your Whole Life

Botox tends to dissipate every ninety days, which means that when you start treatments, you will have to get injections every ninety days for it to remain at work. The cost for treatments can vary between $90 for early shots to $1200 for those who need extensive treatments. Additionally, those who administer the therapy need to know how to deliver it safely. Many people attend a Botox training class to learn the best way to administer the drug to people safely. Still, when we think about a commitment like this, it’s no different from visiting the dentist or getting a haircut every few months. For many people, they see it as something necessary to remain youthful.

Whether the treatment is worth it depends on who you ask. Some people believe that the treatment is well worth the time and energy, especially if it keeps them looking young. These are usually the ones who start investing in Botox from a younger age. However, some people see it as an unnecessary expense. While Botox doesn’t roll back your clock, it certainly makes you look years younger than you are. This consideration forms the heart of why people may want to look into preventative Botox to look younger for longer.