Best B2B Lead Generation Tools

As a business owner, you’re always looking to improve upon your product or service. Along with that, you continuously seek out your next customer. To accomplish that, you need to identify your target audience for crucial sales and company growth. A common question is how to do this. Enter the arena of business-to-business, or B2B, lead generation tools. 

There are many offerings to help with marketing for B2Bs, so your next step is identifying which will be the most useful for your organization to grow organically. Below you will find a handful of main lead generation tools for B2B that you can utilize for your success. While this list is not comprehensive, it includes valuable lead generation solutions for businesses whose target consumers are other businesses.

Leadfeeder is a proven lead data collection and prospecting tool. It will show you the names of companies or individuals who are visiting your website, what path they took to get there, and what they are looking at. is an email lookup lead generation tool that assists you in mining for email addresses on Linkedin. A Chrome extension allows you to navigate with ease, add contacts, and make calls.

HubSpot Sales is an email follow-up tool that is part of the larger HubSpot experience. It is a helpful lead generation service that will inform you when a sent email has been opened by the recipient.    

Global Database is a form of email collection that operates on a worldwide level just as business opportunities continue to expand around the globe. Its functionality is unique in that this platform includes a lead’s credit risk, insights on the company’s technology, in addition to contact information.

MailChimp will assist your business with connecting with lead generation prospects via automated and targeted emails, and is easy to use. It allows you to make personal and transactional emails all in one place.

Both Google Ads and Linkedin Ads are on this list due to their comprehensive ability to get the job done. Google Ads helps put your company’s information on view for potential customers when they search for businesses similar to yours. Linkedin Ads are optimal in that their ads are placed directly in front of professionals on Linkedin. The ads will target individuals and companies that you are specifically looking for.

Never underestimate the power of a contest to bring in new prospects. Rafflecopter links you to potential new customers via an enticing opportunity. There is something about the exciting idea of winning products or services and earning opportunities to gain more entries into a contest; and, thus, gaining you new lead generation.

As a reminder, when conducting lead generation, ensure you are looking at the best tools versus the most tools. The quality of your lead generation tools will equate to the quality of those you will engage in business with. It is always good business practice to look for the best quality, and most reliable entities to be in business for the reliability of sales and continued growth. Honing in on specific targets versus casting a wide net with broad-based lead generation products will garner better results for long-term success.