Motorcycle Styles to Consider in 2021

If you are planning to take to two wheels in the near future, this is an exciting milestone for every young adult, as you sit astride your very first bike, yet there are a few things to consider; one being the style of bike. In this article, we outline the main categories of today’s bikes to help you make an informed decision.

Sports Bikes

Think of MotoGP and you have the right image; sleek, bred for racing, with fat tyres that offer max grip in all conditions. If you choose the awesome Honda CBR100RR, be prepared for a thrilling experience and go to for the best insurance cover. Sports bikes are really single seater speed machines and while a pillion can sit, it is quite uncomfortable and not recommended for long distances.

Street Bikes

This is the chic, naked look, with no engine fairing and a more upright sitting position, yet all the power you would expect from a mean street bike. This naked style originated in Japan, the home of most of the major bike manufacturers and is very popular with urban riders, due to its light weight and agile handling, dealing effortlessly with stationary cars.

Moto-Cross Bikes

Also known as ‘off-road’, this enduro-style machine handles equally well on tarmac and gravel; all the major manufacturers offer an off-road series, with bikes starting at 125cc, graduating up to the 1000cc machines for serious rough-terrain riding. Off-road riding has seen a huge revival in the past few years, as more and more riders discover the thrills to be had when negotiating challenging trails. Click here if you are unsure of the meaning of CRM.

Touring Motorcycles

Another very popular style, people in the UK love touring the country on big touring bikes and when you combine this with camping, you can enjoy very cheap holidays. Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki all have fantastic touring models that incorporate the latest technology. Four-cylinder, four stroke overhead cam engines can perform all day long at cruising speed and there are so many beautiful regions in the UK, you can enjoy the long weekends touring the Lake District or the New Forest in Hampshire.

Urban Scooter

This is ideal for the smart young entrepreneur who needs to get around the city for meetings and presentations, with a 300cc engine with pots of power and the agility to beat the rush hour traffic. Vespa still make very attractive scooters, while Yamaha have ventured into the scooter market with a couple of eye-catching models.

Cheap Motoring

When compared with a car, riding a motorcycle is a much cheaper way to get about, plus it is a lot more fun, especially in the summer. Once you have chosen the model, search online for a cheap bike insurance package, which can be activated online and when you go to pick up your new bike, you will already be covered. Read the Highway Code and always obey the traffic regulations and you will have a great bike riding experience.

It is worth noting that you should always be dressed suitably for riding, with leather garments, gloves, and, of course boots with ankle support.