How to Market Your Family Dental Practice Online

The dental industry was hit hard by COVID-19 which led to a number of jobs being lost. The industry did recover with many of the jobs being regained after government-mandated shutdowns took place. The industry is extremely stable in years where a pandemic rears its ugly head. The fact that many dentists were deemed unessential was baffling to many healthcare professionals. The spending on dental care dropped in 2020 with 2021 predicted to improve but not hit pre-pandemic levels. The following are important tips to marketing your family dental practice online. 

Utilize Content Marketing

Content marketing can do a few things whether the content is hosted on the practice’s blog or relevant publication. There are a number of people that are scared of the dentist which is a fear that content can help quell. You can also answer common questions about dental health whether it is about children or adults. A dentist in Fuquay Varina is likely going to have similar tips to another dentist across the country. 

Content marketing can help with search engine rankings which is the lifeblood for many local businesses. You need to focus on local websites which will be discussed below and those in relevant niches. An article on dental tips to give your children can be published on a health or even parenting website. Do the appropriate keyword research to make sure you are targeting keywords with healthy search traffic. Do not just create average content as quality content takes a bit longer but delivers far more in terms of ROI.

Target Local Online Publications 

You need to be included in neighborhood newspapers near your dental office whether they are physical or an online newspaper. Being included can help attract those people that are new to the area. is a great example of a platform that a dentist could participate on to get new patients. Being able to give advice on various topics in the area can win favor among your neighbors. People ask for recommendations for nearly everything on this website so make sure your dental practice is recommended. 

Monitor Online Review Websites

Online review websites can be incredibly helpful as many potential patients will check these before setting an appointment. A few bad reviews is one thing but a consistent trend of reviews about chronic lateness or rude staff can turn away a number of patients. You want to focus on the patient’s experience as this will directly impact their review. Making new COVID-19 procedures clear on the website and during the appointment setting is imperative. People will not complain as much if they know about the new policies. The trouble becomes when they are embarrassed about it or feel like they should have been notified. 

Marketing for a dental practice should be done daily. Acquiring a patient can lead to years of business along with referrals. Online marketing can change the trajectory of a practice that also focuses on patient experience. The easiest way to grow a practice is by keeping patient retention nearly perfect.