4 Ways to Better Use Your Business Technology

Although it wasn’t all that long ago that businesses did have to do everything manually, technology is an invention that we can no longer do without. Just imagine trying to run a business without your computers, networks, and devices today!

The problem is that while we have incredible technology at our disposal, businesses —especially smaller ones—do not use it to its full advantage. Here are just four of the ways that you can better use and make the most out of your tech investments.

Ramp Up Your Security

Whatever industry you work in, the chances are you hold a lot of data, whether in inventory, staff details, client information, or other sensitive data. If a nefarious individual or organization were to get their hands on it, it could be devastating for your business. 

There are steps that you can take to protect your tech and keep your data secure. First, make sure that you carry out regular network assessments and have up-to-date security installed—an experienced Las Vegas IT company with managed IT services will be able to help you set up these services.

You should also consider using multi-factor authentication. This is where a second piece of “evidence” is required in order to log in or access data. It could be answering certain security questions, having a code sent to another device or so on.

Good password habits are also strongly encouraged: ensure that passwords are unique, not easy to guess, never written down or given to anyone unauthorized and are changed regularly. 

Maximize Storage Capabilities with the Cloud

Long gone are the days where you would store files on discs, USB sticks and your computer hard drive. No, now it is all about the cloud. We aren’t talking about the fluffy things in the sky, but online storage systems. Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox are just some of the cloud software that you may be familiar with.

Cloud software can enable safe, remote access to all of your documents when you need them, and it has been invaluable for companies working remotely in 2020. It can also expand your storage capabilities and allow for cost-effective scaling.

Integrate Your Platforms and Devices

Business is global these days, and that means travelling and often working away from your normal base. There is nothing more frustrating than getting somewhere and realizing that the device that something is stored on is at home, or the software that you need to access is locked in the office and you are hundreds of miles away.

By integrating all of your platforms and devices, combined with using cloud-based software, you can stay connected to your work wherever you are and whenever you want. Ask your managed service provider for more information on how to integrate your platform and devices.

Use a Productivity and Communication Platform

If you are managing a team in a standard office environment, you can keep track of staff and productivity through daily or weekly meetings, or popping by their desk. What happens, however, if you or your team works from home, are traveling for business or simply want a more efficient way of keeping track of what is going on in your team?

This is where a productivity and communication platform such as Microsoft Teams comes in. A workflow management platform is a great tool for organizing tasks, sending over required information and documents and leaving instant, easy to access messages for your team. It ensures that you can monitor and manage what is going on in your team, and they are fully up to date with their tasks.

As you can see, if used properly and efficiently, technology really can bring about a host of benefits for you and your business. Not only can you keep your data and information much more secure, but you can remain organized and productive with productivity and communication platforms. You can also enable you and your team to work from anywhere at any time thanks to cloud-based software.