The Many Benefits of the Expat Posting Lifestyle

Not everyone finds themself in a situation where they could accept a foreign posting, but those who do, usually take advantage of the opportunity, and who could blame them? The benefits of uprooting your family to live in an exotic country like Thailand are indeed many; high salaries are expected, while most living expenses are covered by your employer.

Here is our list of perks and advantages you enjoy with a foreign posting.

  • Free Living Accommodation – This would take the form of a rented large family home, fully furnished and ready for occupation. Of course, you would have the option of renting your own accommodation and the employer gives you a monthly accommodation allowance. You can expect to have domestic service in the form of a local maid, plus the grounds would likely be maintained by a gardener. Living in Bangkok, for example, would have you living in a gated residential community in a house you definitely couldn’t afford back home and your employer can provide any service you might need.
  • Schooling – If you are looking for an international school on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, or anywhere else for that matter, Google will bring up a list of international schools and you can choose the one you feel is the best. The fees at international schools are high, but your employer would cover that, which is one of the best perks of any foreign posting; having your child in a top-rated school for free.
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance – This would be for the whole family, and medical treatment can be very costly in some countries, so you do need full medical insurance for every family member. Your employer would likely use BUPA for employee insurance, or a similar company, so you would enjoy full cover while on the posting. If you intend to start up on your own, you will need the help of IT professionals.
  • Company Car – Not only would you have the use of a nice car, the expat package would likely include a local chauffeur to drive you to work and back every day. You might be lucky and have his services 24/7, which is common in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. The vehicle would be yours to use, which means you can enjoy the holidays, of which there are many in Thailand.
  • Experiencing Other Cultures – This is a major reason why people are prepared to uproot the family and live on a foreign country, and your children will really benefit from having foreign friends and living in a different culture. You will be working with local people and this gives you a unique insight into how they live; you will be invited into the local people’s homes and can enjoy their warm hospitality.
  • Tax Free Salary – Most Middle-East postings involve tax-free salaries and a few years of this can result in a nest egg for your old age. Indeed, 10 years of foreign postings can give you a secure retirement. This would involve off-shore banking, which your employer would advise you of and may set up the account for you. Click here for UK government information on living and working abroad.

If you get the chance to spend 2-3 years working in a foreign country, this is something very attractive that brings with it many perks.