Heighten Your Focus With Dan Murray-Serter

Do you know that your brain holds the key to unlock all your moods, fears, hopes, ambitions, abilities and future potential? A healthier brain is the key to a happier life. Dan Murray Serter is a mental health and wellness entrepreneur whose mission is to elevate and expand cognitive performance by nourishing the brain. He is the Co-Founder at Heights and host of Secret Leaders Podcast. He also teaches how mental well-being in entrepreneurship is key to your success. 

His passion for starting a company that cares about your brain’s health came from his experience of overcoming multiple health problems that include insomnia and chronic anxiety as well as discovering the importance of brain function. Besides, he was struggling to get a good sleep every night. When he visited a dietitian, he was taught about the brain and how it needs the right nutrients to thrive. He began taking some supplements that contain necessary nutrients to help in sleep. With time, the anxiety also went away, and he started to perform well. During this time,he learned everything he could from science journals about how to improve your mental wellbeing and performance. Fortunately, Heights was born. You too can care for your brain and be a better person. Therefore, this article will help you sharpen your focus.

Make Your Brain Better

Heights is a braincare company that helps you take care of the brain that takes care of you. Having knowledge, tools and the right nutrition, enables you to stretch your brain’s capacity for greatness. That is why Heights brings out the experts in the fields of diet, brain health and nutrition to ensure they provide the best to make you your best. They offer supplements that are proven to help your health and give your brain the necessary fuel to improve its health and performance.

What are the benefits of brain health? The first benefit is giving you a sounder sleep. In today’s world, many people are struggling to get sound sleep, maybe because of stress, and they end up staying awake for many hours. Fortunately, caring for your brain promotes healthy sleep cycles that protect cognitively, physical health and healthy brain function. Besides, brain health maintains the nervous system both in the brain and body. When you get brain care, you will promote the proper maintenance of the centre of your brain. Thirdly, caring for your brain, assists with learning and supports the daily cognitive function and mental performance. Lastly, brain health gives you more energy by increasing the release of energy from the food you eat to help with the reduction of fatigue or tiredness.

Mental Wellness And Performance

Mental wellness means that your brain is in order and able to determine how you handle stress and make choices. It also promotes sharper focus, concentration and enhances your mental clarity. Mental wellness promotes mood regulation that helps to maintain normal levels of usage and neurotransmitter production. Other than helping with stress management and anxiety, mental health also supports normal psychological function. Moreover, it improves memory and recall ability.

The supplements at Heights provide long term benefits. During the first month of intake, Vitamin B and blueberries improve the energy metabolism that makes you feel more alert and energetic. They also replenish your nutrient levels and improve your memory as well as concentration. Between the second and the third months, you start to sleep better, and your skin and hair look more radiant because other vitamins begin to absorb. Besides, brain care will reinforce your immune system, and your mind may feel more focused and sharper.

Between months 4-6 absorbed nutrients work together to improve your mood and mental performance. As if that is not enough, the antioxidants present help to fight inflammation. Moreover, during the sixth month and beyond, the supplements maintain healthy brain function that reduces the risk of age-related diseases such as heart disease.

Final Thoughts

Your health is important. If braincare sounds like a priority to help you optimise your mental wellbeing, clarity and focus, try the Smart supplement. If you care for your brain, you care for your future. Do not be stuck with the brain you were born with instead feed it with the best nutrients and diet. If you would like to know more about your brain health, follow Dan on Instagram.