Men’s Accessories That Can Make An Outfit Stand Out

Let’s talk about men’s fashions for a bit, okay? We’re not hinting at torn jeans and coffee-stained shirts, either. Guys may not always pay a great deal of attention to the small details, but the world’s top fashion designers do. They do it because nothing makes a guy look greater than what he wears. Even the torn jeans and coffee-stained shirt can look great when paired up with the right accessories. So, that is what we are going to take a closer look at in this article – the accessories. 


There are two basic rules to follow when choosing a belt. It depends entirely on the setting you will be in. For example, for formal occasions, it is wise to match your belt with your shoes. Going barefoot is not an option (unless you are wearing sandals). However, in casual settings, mismatched shades are the go-to as matched belt and shoes in a casual setting just doesn’t make sense. That is unless you are working undercover and the belt choice here will blow your cover.


Stick to understated rings at all times. Wearing large rings or massive rocks on those rings – real or not – just looks well, bad. A simple band is a good call but don’t be afraid to step out of the traditional gold and silver territory and try something exotic. Titanium and carbon rings are pretty cool options.


Ties are no longer just for work in an office. You can easily pull off the look in casual settings as well. Where ties can be fun in any situation is when you move away from the traditional and experiment a little. Try different textures, unusual patterns, and bright colors to give your outfit a bit of pizazz.


Here’s an accessory that spends about as much time out of style as it does in style. In other words, be careful here. Just like rings, your best bet is to stay understated as a large pendant just looks out of place. A leather cord is a nice touch in casual settings if you must wear something around your neck.


While we are on the topic of jewelry, we can’t forget bracelets. Although they have come and gone several times since the 70s, bracelets are once again very popular in men’s fashions. Leather cord bracelets are at the top of the heap and are your best option.


There are a few options with watches. If yours has a leather strap, try to match it to your belt. For casual settings, fabric straps are a fitting choice and if you only have a metal watchband, it should be in gold or silver to make the grade.

Tie Clips

These were once very functional accessories used to keep your tie pinned to your shirt. Nowadays, tie clips are more of an ornamental accessory. Stick to a conservative style when attending formal functions. This means not deviating from gold or silver colors. In casual settings, just about any other style of tie clip will work.


Unless you are wearing a French cuff shirt, skip the cufflinks. French cuff shirts are worn in extremely formal settings and that means that the cufflinks should be fitting to the occasion. This means no big, gaudy gemstones or freaky designs.

Eye Wear

A good pair of sunglasses, if you do not wear a prescription lens, can give an outfit that special touch. What works here is matching your frame choice to the shape of your face. So, if you have a round face, try rectangular lenses. If your face has a strong jawline, round frames will look best on you.


Hats are a toughie as they are often difficult to wear properly. Steer clear of classic wool or felt hats in casual settings. In an extremely casual setting you can choose from baseball caps, bucket hats, and beanies and if you lean towards panamas or other hats with a brim, hold off on those unless your shirt choice that day has a collar. Straw hats are not a bad choice as they are lightweight and can turn a work setting into something more casual.


Shoes are one of the most important pieces in any guy’s wardrobe. With so many styles to choose from, what do you do? Leather is one choice that can cross several boundaries and is a good option for just about any type of event. Sandals are for very casual use and the beach.


A bold sock choice can even spice up a wedding day outfit. No Cold Feet actually specializes in striped, patterned, and solid-colored socks that can be customized for wedding parties.


Leather or wool are your best choices if you are going to accessorize with gloves. Just be careful with your color choices. That is, don’t wear dark brown with black. The upside is that wool is best for casual wear and leather covers all other possibilities.


Remember, the main reason why you have a wallet is to hold your important cards, identification, and money. Fashion is not that high a priority. However, leather still rules, and slim wallets work best for formal wear in brown, black, or oxblood. Bulky wallets are for casual wear.


Unless the weather dictates wearing one, leave your scarf at home. A heavy one on a hot day is not even logical however, they are large accessories that bring a great deal of color to an outfit. Just not when the sun is shining.

In Conclusion

Men’s fashions follow a few specific trends and lean towards what is best worn in casual settings and what is your best option for formal settings. The list above breaks down all of the common accessories used in men’s fashions and which are the correct choices for each setting. By following these guidelines you won’t look out of place and may even discover some items in your wardrobe can still be worn. Even if all you have to build that wardrobe around is torn jeans and a coffee-stained shirt!