What you did not know about Mayur Patil on transforming social growth for global media brand

People sometimes find themselves lured into the social ads they come upon when on various media platforms. Businesses and companies do whatever they can to attract target audiences, and it is working very well for them. If you are an entrepreneur or running a business yourself, you may find yourself questioning the social channels you use for your own marketing. With social commerce taking over our digital era, you need to have the right tools to help you navigate through the cloudy social sites and guarantee a return on your investment.  

We will break down key tech and media lessons you can learn from Mayur Patil for 2020 and beyond. Mayur draws a lot from experience. He currently leads growth and strategy for all of Bustle Digital Group’s brands across TikTok and has led growth and strategy for 10PM Curfew where he built two TikTok channels to over 5.6M followers each. He also built an SMS line from 0 to over 172K female contacts in one month. Here is what you need to know.

New is gold

They say old is gold. But not in the digital space. Since more and more Gen-Z and millennials are making buying decisions based on online reviews, it is time to focus on what they are interested in. In most cases, the new social sites are proving to be important, and should be on every social media strategist’s list. Take TikTok for example. With over 800M subscribers, this is not a market to ignore. TikTok shows where the future of marketing is leaning more on videos and stories. Just like Instagram stories and Facebook Stories suggest video content being more powerful, you need to shift to video content sooner rather than later. In less than 5 months, Mayur was able to build two channels @Style and @Girls to garner over 1.3B+ impressions monthly for 10PM Curfew. The potential is limitless.

Personalization is the way to go

With so many brands targeting the same audience, competition is not going away. So, how can you get the attention of your audience? Well, there has never been a better time than now for making your communications more private. Why is this important? Think of it as a way of engaging with your customers on an individual level. SMS for example, provides the best environments for brands to engage with their customers. Data shows that SMS has over 97% open rates. With more and more people taking social media detox, providing personalized messages can help to attract and have useful engagements with clients. You can also build interest-driven communities by establishing private communication groups on different social media platforms.  

Social commerce is here. It is time shorten the sales funnel

Consumers are increasingly becoming more comfortable with the concept of social shopping. It is high time to give your customers the option to buy products without having to leave the social platforms. According to C.J Haughey, the growth of social commerce will help marketers create shorter sales funnels and give consumers access to a smooth and quick buyer’s journey that is sure to increase customer satisfaction. Instagram introduced a new e-commerce checkout feature that allows users to complete product purchases without leaving the app. Take advantage of such features to make your ads more powerful.

Trendy Tech in social media

One of the key things that social marketers struggle with is maintaining the interest of the consumers in their brands. New trends such as Augmented Reality boost customer experience in their shopping and interaction with brands. Mayur, a computer scientist by training, knows the importance of including trendy tech in social media marketing. It not only helps you to keep relevant, but it is a great way to connect with new audiences and expand your reach.

Leverage social media to improve customer service

In today’s digital age, buying decisions begin and end on social media. One of the key lessons for brands is to use social platforms not only to sell their products, but also to interact with customers. Use your social platforms to respond to client’s questions, offer useful information and provide guidance. Chatbots, for example, provide an easy way for businesses to respond faster to queries and complaints. Besides, data suggest that 56% of people prefer to message companies rather than call customer service.A combination of these measures not only helps you to stay relevant in the digital space and take your brand to another level, but it also helps to reduce the time it takes to convert a client. Targeting becomes easier, and maintaining good customer support is less expensive. Connect with Mayur to learn more about his work.