Choosing the Perfect Packaging Supplier

Products need packaging for many reasons. Packaging keeps the product safe during transport, it makes it more convenient to carry, and it ensures that the product will be ready to use once bought and opened. Aside from practical applications, packaging is also a useful tool for marketing products whether they’re on a shelf or online. That’s why there are many things to consider when searching for the perfect packaging supplier for a product. Finding the best packaging solution, one that protects the product and makes it stand out, is easier with the help of an expert. Below, you’ll find four things to look for when deciding which packaging company to partner with.  

1. Find a Packaging Wholesaler with the Capabilities You’re Looking For

Once you decide on the features needed in your packaging, shop around for packaging wholesalers that are equipped to deliver them. Some packaging companies offer a full range of printing capabilities, others are specialists in certain industries (e.g. pharmaceutical packaging) or with certain materials (e.g. paper-based packaging). It can also be very useful to find a company with branding expertise to help ensure your packaging will provide effective differentiation from competing brands. You can learn more about how innovative packaging helps brands stand out in this guide to creative packaging ideas.

2. Find a Company with the In-House Packaging Supplies You Need

Take a peek at the vendor’s packaging materials and inquire about their availability. It’s essential that the packaging company you choose is able to respond quickly and efficiently to your requests, especially when you find you need a last-minute solution to solve potential time-sensitive challenges. You want to ensure that they have stock on hand so that they can fulfill your business needs and get you your supplies as soon as you need them. Feel free to ask about their procurement operations to make sure they will be the best fit for you.

3. Find a Company with Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Packaging companies with eco-friendly practices should be a must when choosing a packaging supplier. Sustainability initiatives have become a priority for both leading and emerging brands, especially as consumers grow more eco-conscious. This involves reducing packaging made with single-use plastics and turning to greener options like paperboard and glass. When researching packaging wholesalers, take a look at their certifications and waste management practices to ensure that your packaging will be made using sustainably sourced, renewable materials via eco-friendly procedures.    

4. Find a Packaging Company with a Great Network for Unique Solutions

The ideal packaging company will also have a network of partners or affiliates with additional capabilities that can bring your packaging to the next level. It’s far more convenient and efficient to work with two companies who are already in business with one another. Their shared processes, expertise, and lines of communication can speed up the delivery of materials, expedite the development of your design, and help you gain an even deeper understanding of the possibilities available for your brand.