How to Stay Creative in the Middle of a Pandemic

Creativity is a fickle thing. Sometimes it may seem as if you are a creative genius, while other times you feel totally blocked. Science has still yet to figure out the exact nature of creativity.

However, experts that defined the frontiers of creative expression have given us detailed advice. We can try to trot ahead on our current path or take heed the advice of the ancients.

Getting The Creative Juices Flowing During Quarantine   

With the current health crisis many individuals are practicing social distancing by staying at home. Many jobs and universities have made it available to continue virtually, allowing you to do your job or learning from the comfort of your own home. While being able to work from home is a blessing, it does have its struggles. Keeping your mind sharp and healthy and staying motivated while being stuck in the same area for the majority of your day can become very challenging. It’s important to keep a routine for some sort of normalcy in these uncertain times but it is also beneficial to use the extra time to learn a new skill or get involved with a new hobby. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade – we should use this extra time to our advantage and do the things that have been on our list for a while. Working from home it can be hard to “clock out” so starting a creative project will be beneficial to get your mind on other things besides work.

Stay active.  Almost any activity will continue pumping your creative juices.

Embrace Nature

The museums may be closed but we walk and drive by art everyday. Since the majority of people are spending a larger amount of time indoors it is important to get outside more often. Take advantage of local parks or nearby hiking trails that are off of the beaten path. Embracing nature and getting a dose of the sun has been found to be beneficial for physical and mental health as well as increasing creativity.  Spending time outside has been studied to understand its relation to creative potential. If you are stuck and having a hard time focusing sometimes taking a brain break to go for a walk is just what the doctor ordered. Another way to help concentration is to take advantage of the natural light while you are cooped up in your home as well. A healthy dose of the sun is crucial for mental health and it can also help your financial health as well. By harnessing natural power sources you can also help lower your Constellation Energy bill

Start Journaling For 15 Minutes Every Morning And Night   
You may not feel like you have anything to write down. In any case, we recommend that you sit down and Journal 15 minutes each morning and night. You could write down what your thoughts are at that moment, a stream of consciousness style. Write a fictional story if you would like to write one.

These 15 minutes are for you and no one else. Use them as you wish, but remember, you are focusing on developing your creative potential.

Fifteen minutes every morning and night may not seem like much, but over the course of a single week, it adds up to 3 ½ hours. 3 ½ hours each week adds up to nearly 15 hours each month. Fifteen hours in a month would equal nearly 200 and a year. As you can see, even a bit each day adds up quickly over time.

Video Chat With People And Brainstorm Ideas   
Face-to-face communication is still an essential part of being human. We may not have the real thing, but technology allows us to simulate a close approximation. Zoom video calling has become more popular than ever before. Once you try it out, you will understand why it is so popular now.

You can freely converse with your colleagues from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, everyone connects effortlessly.

If you have friends, get everyone together on a group video call. Then, brainstorm ideas together. It will help stimulate all of your guy’s creativity simultaneously.

Search For Inspiration On The Internet   

The Internet is a fantastic utility that many people overlook. There are far more resources contained on the web than just silly cat videos and memes. Nearly the entirety of human knowledge is online.

As some of the time, you have a home to learn something that helps improve your creative potential. It is a great use of your time.