How to Get a Job in the Booming Marijuana Industry

The marijuana industry is hiring. From cultivators to processors to sellers and everything in between, there are various jobs you can do. Before you clear out that piece of land for planting or start preparing for interviews, there are a few things you should know. If you take the necessary steps before starting, you can save yourself from making many mistakes and increase your chances of succeeding in this industry. Here are a few things you can do to get a job.

Look for marijuana jobs

You have two options when job searching; visit a general job board looking for cannabis-related jobs or explore a niche job board like marijuana jobs cannabis careers. The latter option is the easiest.

Do your research

Just like when you are thinking of joining any industry, you need to do your homework. First, you need to establish if marijuana is legal in the state in which you reside. Second, you need to figure out what exactly you want to do. Some jobs require you to deal directly with marijuana. They include

  1. Harvester – You grow, trim and package cannabis for sale. You can grow your own or work for another person.
  2. Edible maker – There are various ways to consume medical and recreational marijuana. They include teas, cookies, and sweets. An edible maker is responsible for creating recipes and producing these goods.
  3. Budtender – As a budtender, you will work at a dispensary and answer the customers’ questions regarding the available marijuana types.

There are some supporting roles in the marijuana industry. Some of them don’t require any skills related to handling marijuana. They range from store managers and delivery people to security positions. The role you want will determine what training to get.

Enroll in a cannabis college

Since the legalization of marijuana, many institutions have cropped up that help people get the necessary skills to work with marijuana. You can learn various things from marijuana 101, the legalization, growing, managing a marijuana business, and more. What more, you get a certificate that can help you get a job when you finally start applying. These institutions offer various learning methods from hands-on classes to online classes, and you can learn at your own pace. Any person seriously thinking of working directly with cannabis in the industry should consider enrolling in a cannabis college.

Seek the necessary licenses

This is for those who wish to be self-employed in the industry. Most states require you to have a permit to grow marijuana, particularly for commercial use, or operate a dispensary. Follow the necessary procedures to get the licenses, so you do not live in fear of being arrested.

The growth of the revenue from marijuana sales is growing at an incredible pace. Considering that this growth rate is being experienced when some states still consider marijuana possession or growth illegal, it’s hard to imagine how it will be when most states legalize it. If you are interested in this industry, this is one of the best times to join.