5 Reasons To Consider a Government Job

Working for the government can be a great choice for someone who is looking for job security, insurance benefits, a retirement plan, and a nice salary. There are many opportunities for people with a variety of different skills to find a position working for a government agency.

1. Health Insurance

Everyone who meets the minimum requirements set by the government agency they work for is eligible for their health care benefits. There are many choices that employees can pick from during the enrollment period to suit their needs. Depending on the years worked, position, and other factors, retirees are eligible for health insurance benefits as well.

2. Retirement Plan

Most government employees are able to opt-in to a retirement plan. There are different plans available, and they can change over time, so make sure to ask plenty of questions at the time of hire to find out the most up-to-date information. Employees become eligible for retirement after they meet certain age and service year requirements, allowing some people to apply for early retirement.

3. Paid Time Off

Government buildings are closed during recognized federal holidays, and employees are paid for those days. Anyone who decides to pursue a government job can also expect to receive sick and personal days to use during times of illness, vacations, or other reasons. Depending on the years of service and contract that is in effect at the time, employees can receive several weeks’ worth of time off to use each year.

4. Variety

Aspiring government employees can choose from a large variety of jobs depending on their interests and qualifications. A good way to figure out which position would be a good fit is by using networking skills to speak with people who can make recommendations. Workers are needed to do everyone from overseeing other employees to cleaning the building to managing the security system. There are many other government careers that involve both entry-level positions and higher-level jobs employees can apply for internally after they have built up their experience and skills.

5. Job Security

Unlike jobs in the private sector, government workers have a lower rate of job loss, especially in the event of an economic downturn or other incidents. This can allow the workers to feel more confident during uncertain times and reduce the cause for stress regarding potential job loss. Most government jobs have a clear rate of pay and a transparent method of outlining how and when raises are granted to everyone in that position. That can make employees feel as though they are working towards an obtainable goal and give them a clear roadmap to follow throughout their career should they choose to work towards transfers or promotions.

There are many benefits that come with working in a government position. While no job is perfect and there are pros and cons to every career, for many people the perks can outweigh any drawbacks. Think carefully about the available options and try to talk to people who hold current positions to get their feedback and tips on applying for a job.