Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucets for the Semi-Professional Chef

If you want to be taken seriously as a chef, you need to have the right equipment. A kitchen faucet that suits your needs should be among the essential acquisitions to your growing kitchen entourage. They blend seamlessly with quartz countertops and are a functional addition to any kitchen.

Kitchen faucets are a much-overlooked part of interior decor. Just because a faucet is practical doesn’t mean it has to look bad. Semi-pro faucets manage to perform their functions while being integrated into a kitchen’s style. But does a chef who’s trying to make an impression really need faucets like these? What do they bring to the table aside from their stunning good looks? Can’t other faucets do the same thing?

What is a Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet?

As The Detroit News tells us, a semi-pro kitchen faucet is one that’s stylish yet still offers extra features you’re not likely to find in standard faucets. Among the functions that semi-pro faucets typically offer include easy-to-clean finishes and multiple methods of using the water delivery system. They’re best described as a heavy-duty version of a thoroughly professional faucet that you’re likely to find in restaurants all through the country.

Useful Functions

One of the most impressive functions that these semi-pro faucets offer to users is the flexible spring-loaded pout. These usually come with an omnidirectional oversize spray head. If you’re doing prep for many people or have a massive dish to clean up, this spray head is an ideal solution for your needs. The high arcing spout can handle tugs and pulls with ease, and when you’re not using it, it’ll lock back in place so that others can use it as a regular faucet. Talk about utility!

The spray heads also come with options that different manufacturers include as marketing points. It may consist of functions such as power-sweep spray rinsing and even boost technology. The last is a real godsend when trying to fill large pots and saucepans. Instead of waiting for the water pressure to fill it up naturally, the faucet provides a little extra oomph to get it quicker. Many of these faucets also come with a function to store a temperature. The tap will remember that stored temperature for future use. It’s a handy way to keep the water temperature at a level that you’re comfortable with.

Bring Your Appliances to Your Level

You’re only as good as the utilities you use. If you’re trying to raise your skill as a semi-pro chef, then you should consider investing in a semi-pro faucet. They give you the added boost you need to show your skills off. Not only are they a useful addition for a chef, but they’re useable by other members of the family when they need to use the sink as well. They are easier to clean than regular faucets, and a wide range of functions makes them an attractive addition for anyone who cooks. If you want to up your game, go for a semi-pro tap. You won’t regret the choice.