The Best Selling Strains of Cannabis In The World

People often wonder which strains to choose when it comes to selecting the best-selling strains of cannabis. If you are fond of cannabis, you need to ensure that you choose the best strains for you. The best strains will give you the best germination rates, thus helping you ensure the weeds’ growth without any hassle. Besides this, other factors should be considered while trying to find out the best cannabis strains. It should also be kept in mind that if you are too stringent with your budget, it might be difficult for you to get the best weed possible. 

This article looks at the bestselling strains of cannabis globally, thus giving us an idea of the strains that one should choose. 

  • Blueberry Widow: It is one of the best cannabis strains. It has won the hearts of many with the help of its sweet fragrance. As the name suggests, you will image blueberries once you taste this fragrant strain. You will feel relaxed once you try it. 
  • Grape Pie: Let us read about the grape pie strain, a dominant hybrid in nature made through the blend of Cherry pie and grape stomper strains. This strain is so tempting that you cannot stop yourself after one smoke and you will want to try it time and time again. With an earthy herbal aroma, this strain is enough to intoxicate you and bring the desired pleasure that you have always wanted. 
  • Wonder Woman: Next up on the list is the wonder woman strain. Being extracted from a hybrid plant, wonder woman grows to a moderate height. These plants are well known for their versatility, and they can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. This strain is known for being an enlightening one, thus giving you a far-fetching intoxication. Another good thing about this plant is it produces a massive bud in a very little time. With a great aroma, this plant is indeed one of the best-selling cannabis strains. 
  • Zensation: The next one which occupies a prominent position in the list is Zensation. This strain is best known for its exceptional use for acute pain. Loaded with medicinal values, it is a robust strain that relaxes the body and the mind. Zensation allows you to feel a tranquil environment, thus offering relief for chronic pain
  • Jock Horror: Being a strain which has great demand, this gives you a fulfilling effect. While taking Jock Horror, you will experience a high which you have not experienced ever before. For an extreme high, this strain is the best option. This strain plant proliferates, suggesting that it is not a long wait until you are enjoying all that this cannabis plant has to offer. Smokers like it for its exceptional taste and the incredible feeling it creates. 
  • Hay-Z: Hay-Z gives you the feeling of flying high in the sky. This strain provides you with a tremendous mental high. It is excessively strong, and it also has a great taste. 

Lastly, explore these strains too and you’ll soon find out why they are the best out there!