Top Qualities You Should Look for in a Drug Testing Company

Whether you are looking for a dependable drug testing company to use for personal or professional reasons, or if you want to start a drug testing company of your own, it is crucially important that you know the major qualities that people look for when they are choosing a specific drug testing company to work with.

The results of a given drug test can have life-altering outcomes. Whether it means getting a job or not getting a job, getting out of parole, or many other things, the results are almost never inconsequential. 

For that reason, making sure that a drug testing company is professional and dependable is incredibly important. Let’s go over everything to look for in a company that tests for drugs now!

Reliable testing 

Whether you are trying to figure out if a family member is using drugs or a current or potential employee, the results of the test must never be compromised or brought into question. If anyone is ever looking for a drug testing company, here are characteristics that the most trusted companies will offer:

  • Comprehensive collection process
  • Rigorous evaluation
  • Dependable reporting options
  • Secure non-negative test procedures

Keep in mind that the drug testing company that you work with for whatever reason has to be professional, accurate and have a proven system in place so that you never have to worry about any mistakes. 

Location is convenient for you

One thing that is important to keep in mind is that the actual testing facilities are close to you. If you are looking for a company that is able to offer in-house testing, you will still want to make sure that there are multiple locations that are close and convenient for whoever is set to get tested. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for greater convenience, you can always focus your search on companies that are able to offer onsite testing at your home or workplace. Even if you are looking for that, it will be more likely that you have success if you are focusing on locations that are closer to your home or office. 

Services are tailored to your needs

It is crucial to remember that you need to make sure that all of your drug testing needs are fulfilled by any drug testing company that you are thinking of working with. The most common tests include hair, urine, blood and saliva testing. While you may need some of these types of tests, you still want to make sure that everything is offered as that is a sign of a highly professional outfit. 

It is also important to know that offering substance abuse educational services is an important part of ensuring that you have a drug-free workplace. If your company requires every employee to be completely drug free, having access to the equation about substance abuse and how it can impact the workplace and result in dangerous or even deadly occurrences is very important.

On top of that, it is important for people within managerial and positions of power to be trained in how to identify substance abuse so that they can offer their help to employees who may be struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. It may take a lot of work to implement these kinds of problems to start out, but it will help create a drug-free culture and environment going forward.

Affordable pricing

A major factor in making sure that you have the access you need to drug testing and a drug testing company is affordable and fair pricing. After all, you will not be able to maintain regular testing if the expense is too great for your company or family to bear. 

When you are assessing the cost of a give drug testing company, there are three important factors that you will want to keep in mind with regard to the overall price:

  1. The type of tests that you need to be administered
  2. The number of panels that will be included in each test
  3. The number of people who will be tested 

Keep in mind that a typical drug test can cost anywhere alone a large range between $20 and $200 depending on the answers to the three factors above. While it may certainly seem costly, drug testing should not be something that you are looking for deals on. What matters most is that you can absolutely trust.

3rd-party administrator capabilities 

If your company works with several occupational health providers, making sure that you have access to a third-party administrator (TPA) is highly important. 

TSAs are able to manage and consolidate your company’s medical services, this can make your job a lot easier when you are trying to get all of your employees tested. If this sounds like something that will benefit your company through this process, definitely make it a priority to choose a drug testing company that is experienced with and able to collaborate with TSAs.

Expertise in regulations 

Finally, another one of the most important things to keep in mind when you are choosing what kind of drug testing company to grow is to make sure that they are compliant with drug testing regulations. The reason why this is so important is because non-compliance in these crucial regulations can result in very serious consequences and penalties that you will have to pay. 

It is highly important that you can confirm that any drug testing company you are thinking of working with has stayed current with all relevant state and federal regulations. 

Drug testing for federal agencies and regulated industries is administered by a SAMHSA-certified lab using procedures overseen by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administrations and Health and Human Services Department (HHS). 

Making sure that you are able to find the right drug testing business is an important step to making sure that you can help your employees, family members or friends live healthy lives going forward. Considering these tips to finding the right drug testing company will help you along the way! 

Good luck!