Top 5 most common car complaints

woman with a broken down white car

Buying a car can be an exciting adventure, but sometimes your dream car can quickly turn into a nightmare on wheels. If you think your car may be a lemon, then expect a slew of issues down the road unless you seek legal aid. Repair costs can run anywhere from a few dozen bucks to thousands of dollars. Here are the top 5 most common car problems to look out for when purchasing a new or used vehicle. 

Issues with the Starter

As the name suggests, the starter is a small motor that gets your car running. The first sign of a bad starter may be clicking, whirring, or grinding noises when you turn the key. If the lights are working but the car’s engine won’t turn over, it’s likely a starter issue. 

The starter can overheat from repeated attempts to get it going, which causes smoke to rise from under the hood. If this happens, stop your attempts and step away from the vehicle. It’s best to get the starter checked at the first signs of an issue so this doesn’t occur. 

Leaky Radiator

A radiator can have problems with a leaky hose or a leak in the radiator itself. Other common problems with the radiator can be rust, mineral deposits or gunk, or a bad water pump or thermostat. Any of these problems can cause your car to overheat. Preventative maintenance and regular inspections can prevent this, saving you hundreds of dollars and a lot of stress.

Bad Brakes or Rotors

One of the most common and dangerous problems that a car owner can experience is brake issues. Plenty of owners have met with injury lawyers at Black & Depaoli in Folsom, CA after faulty brakes caused an accident. 

Luckily, this issue is also one of the most preventable. With regular brake inspection and maintenance, you can rest easy knowing your brakes are there for you when you need them. If there’s a problem with the brakes, you may notice vibrations when hitting the brake pedal or noises such as squealing, squeaking or scraping.

Faulty Gas Mileage

If your car seems to be getting bad gas mileage, the issue usually lies in a lack of regular maintenance. Regular oil changes, a clean air filter, and replacement of old or damaged spark plugs can make a world of difference when it comes to getting the most miles per gallon of gas, which saves you time and money in the long run.

Transmission Problems

There is probably nothing that a car owner dreads more than a bad transmission. Problems can range from leaky transmission fluids to worn out gears, but don’t take any problems lightly. Left unchecked, transmission issues can result in total engine failure. 

One of the first signs of a bad transmission is noticeable slipping, delayed, or rough shifting of gears. You may also notice a burning smell, or your check engine light might come on. Again, regular maintenance is key to keeping your transmission running like clockwork.