Benefits of Having an Email List for Your Business

Every year technology amuses us with some new tech-savvy tools, taking digital marketing to the next level. Marketers are trying their luck with podcasts and new social media platforms to gain an edge in the industry. However, this shouldn’t be at the expense of conventional marketing practices, especially email marketing. If you stop building email lists, it might end up impacting other marketing campaigns.

Emails provide a reliable form of communication between brands and customers while laying a foundation for other campaigns. New forums and tools come and go, but emails have stood the test of time. Are you still doubtful about building email lists? Here we are unfolding seven benefits of having an email list for your business.


In today’s world, clients anticipate that brands should regard them as individuals rather than everyone. Email marketing is the ideal way to segment your customers into different lists, depending on their preferences and tastes. From crafting perfect subject lines to putting images that appeal to customers – you can send highly personalized content. Likewise, adjust your messaging for different audiences to drive engagement.

Instead of making your emails sound like a sales pitch, focus on building trust between your brand and the recipient. Since you send emails to people fit under a specific criterion, you can quickly turn subscribers into potential customers. After all, these are the individuals who have a keen interest in your product and service offerings.


For those people wondering why email lists, is there any other way of instantly sending messages to thousands of people across the globe? Although social media lets you publish posts, you don’t know how many people read your content. It gives you an option to schedule your time as per different time zones, making sure your brand is not landing into inboxes during the odd hours. Similarly, you can switch languages to add a personal touch to your global audience.


Unlike other marketing channels, email lists allow you to keep in touch with your customers regularly. It is all about sending random and simple emails like – thank you for subscribing or welcome on board. Likewise, you can send ‘happy birthday emails’ to let your customers know you value them. Alongside this, it helps in establishing trust with customers as it is a more intimate way of communication.

Hence, focus on building brand loyalty as it is easier to get loyal customers to engage with your call-to-action. Moreover, you can utilize drip campaigns to drive the user down to the final conversion point. These emails drip helpful information about products over days and weeks.


Some reports suggest email generates billions of USD in sales for businesses annually. It provides an incredible opportunity for impulse buying since customers don’t want to miss out on the ‘limited time’ offers. Feature the hot selling items alongside the products customer bought, or you can offer special discounts for future purchases, keeping customers hooked. If you have the right people on the email list, you will observe sales significantly increasing with the help of email marketing


Do you want more traffic to the website? If you have an email list, include relevant links to your site within your email content. These email campaigns allow customers to engage with other great pieces of content available on your blog. For instance, if your clothing apparel is having a summer clearance sale, you can send out an email to inform people about it. People who haven’t visited your website in time would immediately dig in to enjoy massive price cuts. Besides, make sure to include social sharing buttons in your emails. It encourages customers to promote your brand across multiple social channels.


Another incredible feature of email marketing is that you know where you are going wrong. It comprises in-built software, allowing you to measure results. Since emails are intimate, you can see results in seconds after sending emails. It lets you how many people are clicking on the links and making purchases. If you come across low click-through rates, it means your content is not up to the par. Hence, by measuring the performance, you can devise relevant strategies to improve your email marketing campaign’s performance.


You might think popular brands have jumped to the latest marketing forums, ditching emails. In reality, brands like Tory Burch, PayPal, Litmus, and many others are sticking to emails. They are utilizing their email lists with some innovations to keep up with their customers. Tory Burch is sending animated emails, while JetBlue is surprising subscribers with entertaining content. Nowadays, every internet user has an email account as it provides a way to social media and others. Thus, emails are here to stay forever – get creative and make the most out of your email lists.


Email lists can do wonders for businesses, especially if you have the right people on board. Companies create lead magnets, quizzes, eBooks, and what not to build email lists. If you previously have an email list, make sure to utilize it through an email marketing campaign. With new tools in the market, it might sound too last year, but its benefits still outshine other campaigns. It allows you to build your brand, out-do your marketing goals, and become an expert without overspending.