The Importance of Motion Graphics Videos for Your Social Media Strategy

Posting videos on social media has been proven to generate high levels of audience engagement. 

Every brand, from market leaders to entrepreneurs and influencers, is creating video content to share in its social media accounts everyday, and users consume it right away.

However, as video content starts to be everywhere, it is important for your brand to come up with new types of videos.

One awesome and original way to create videos is through motion graphics.

While many people might think of motion graphics and animation as synonyms, the truth is motion graphics consist of a specific type of animation.

Every moving image, from cartoons to claymation, ends up in the ‘animation’ category, but motion graphics is the type of animation that focuses only on graphic design. 

Creating motion graphics videos can enhance your engagement and increase your social media followers. Motion graphics videos are a great way to start a conversation with your target audience.

Motion graphics videos also allow you to easily combine music, animated images and texts, displaying astonishing transitions and sending a clear message to your public.

In fact, motion graphics videos are ideal for showcasing data in a friendly and dynamic language. 

On the other side, animation is all about storytelling, deep narratives and touching and emotional stories. 

Also, given that animation requires complex structures and heavy post production processes, animation is a lot more expensive than motion graphics. 

Creating motion graphics videos can be a simple task. You can easily create your own motion graphics videos with zero previous experience using CreatorKit. 

CreatorKit is the online video editor that enables you to produce professional looking videos without being a designer or an expert.

It is an extremely useful business tool to generate breathtaking motion graphics videos to improve your audience’s engagement and increase your ROI

This video editor is soon going to be available on both desktop and mobile and has a cross-platform editing system. This means that you can work from any device you prefer.

To improve workflows and allow team work, you can switch devices any time you want and open your draft from many devices at the same time. 

In addition, the CreatorKit interface is very friendly and intuitive! You can create your video by dragging and dropping every element, from images to text, titles and subtitles. 

Our favorite part about CreatorKit is that it runs 100% online, so there is no need to download anything or to buy secret extensions to make it work.

If you don’t know where to start or how to create an appealing video, CreatorKit provides a bunch of motion graphics video templates. You only have to choose the want that best suits your business’s needs and work from there. 

What’s more, creating an account and logging in is not required! Just visit CreatorKit and produce your motion graphics video in a few minutes!