Reduce Stress: Things You Can Do After a Long Day of Work

Stress and anxiety in modern-day work environments is a common occurrence, and all that matters is how you handle it. Whether you like your job or not, there will be long days in the office that you might end up transferring work-related stress home.

Learning how to relax and separate work from home is something that can benefit anyone. Unless you find ways of relaxing, your productivity at the office will be affected.

Keep reading to understand things you can do after a long day of work to reduce stress.

Take a Warm Shower

Soaking in a hot shower or bath is the best way to relax while still getting clean. They will relieve your stress by soothing neck and shoulder muscles which are mostly affected by fatigue. Hot showers are therapeutic in that they help your mind to wander triggering relaxation.

The trick in hot showers is to make it luxurious by using shower products with scents. The scents alone are enough to cool down your brain, thus relieving stress.

A relaxed body gives room for open-mindedness and creativity by allowing you to focus on the positive aspects of the day.

Do Not Transfer the Office to Your Home

One of the best ways to relieve the stress associated with work is learning to create a firm boundary between your home and the office. You need to transition your mindset to the home environment immediately you leave the office.

Have some courage and approach your colleges and let them know that they should not ask you to address office matters after work. You may even come up with a policy such as not checking your emails once you are out of the office.

Regardless of the hours and type of work you do, failing to create these boundaries brings more stress. Afterward, you will end up affecting your productivity at work.

How About Some Soothing Music?

Soothing music is another conventional way of relaxing your body. Slow-paced instruments are best suited for they induce the much-needed relaxation response. Soothing music plays a critical role in lowering stress hormones.

There exists no limitation on how you should listen to the music; either via headphones or directly from the stereo. Whichever the approach you use, just do your thing.

Music is known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, especially if done in the right way.  ssoothing music should be something that you listen to daily. Do not be limited by peoples’ ideas on what soothing music should be.


Regular exercise activities are an excellent way to relax your body and mind after work. It also plays a crucial role in mood enhancement. For you to achieve good results, you should make exercising a daily after work habit.

The exercises can be light or heavy, depending on your physical capabilities. In case you opt for light exercises, e.g., walks, you have to do it for two hours to generate a positive impact. Heavy exercises like jogging should not take more than an hour.

Exercises are known for their ability to exert physical pressure which in turn relieves mental stress. The fact that regular workouts are mood enhancers should encourage you to take part daily.

Make Time for a Massage

A massage is a flexible tool that you can use to relieve stress and anxiety after work. Massage is therapeutic in that it triggers a relaxation response which lowers the heartbeat rate and stabilizes the blood pressure.

Depending on your financial position, the massage may be performed by a specialist or a close friend. Consider making massage a daily routine after work.

There are other forms of massage that you can do on your own, e.g., foot massage which ensures a smooth flow of blood through the legs. This is where foot massagers become your best friend after work. Look forward to owning one for it is cheap, and it is an effective stress reliever.

Read a Book

Research has it that the best way to move away from our daily activities is getting into another. This is why you should purpose to read a book when you get home.

Fiction stories are said to have some therapeutic value to your body in that they keep your brain engaged. However, the stories have to be positive to give room for imagination.

Reading fiction stories accompanied by imaginations leads you to write and paint. These two activities will be a great way of expressing yourself, thus relaxing your mind. In case you are not a reading enthusiast, an episode of your favorite series will do you great.

Get Enough Sleep

Working hours are usually stressing but tend to get more serious when you transfer the work to your home. Too much stress will affect the quality of your sleep, which in turn leads to low productivity at the office.

A peaceful night’s sleep is the best way to restore your energy. Prepare your bedroom early enough to set you into the sleeping mood. Get rid of all distracters among them electronics and make the room comfortable.

If you struggle to catch some sleep, eye masks may be the way to go for you.


Spending time with your loved ones help move your attention away from stresses associated with the workplace. Play with your kids, and all the pressure will be no more.

You might also have to make a few friends within or outside the workplace. Through such friends, you can easily share your troubles, and they can help you to cool down.

Socializing also creates room for other activities that keep your mind engaged; thus, no time for work-related stress.


Have you ever found yourself lost deep in thoughts reflecting about a particular issue? If you’ve found yourself in such circumstances, then you must be aware of what meditation is.

Meditation requires a cool place where you can reflect on all the activities of the day without distraction. Through such sessions, you can identify the positive aspects of the day and focus on them, thus relieving stress.

No matter how committed or passionate you are at work, there will come days when everything is messed up. How you deal with such situations is all that matters. Look for convenient ways to relax and leave all work problems at the office desk.

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