Tips for Bike Marketing that you should use in 2019

In the past few years, as people have become more aware of the hazards of air pollution, they have started moving towards means of transportation that would reduce the stress on the environment, with one of the means being bike transportation. However, even if bikes seem to be gaining traction from office goers, the marketing for them doesn’t seem to be gaining as much love as we would expect.

Therefore, we sat down and compiled a list of some tactics that can possibly help out websites, agencies or companies who are looking to market their or their client’s bikes any time soon with the help of Rack Hungry.

  • Create empathy and understanding for the bike users

The first thing that you should do to market a product is to create empathy around it. If your prospective buyers can’t relate to it, then there will be no market for you to capture, no matter how much money you spend in your campaigns. So, make sure that you find the tone and message that sticks with your audience. 

  • Create a movement around hazard of pollution

One of the things that mostly everyone agrees upon is how pollution is changing the environment and how it is one of the biggest issues mankind is facing right now. Use that as the basis of one of your campaigns and change it according to your general marketing campaign theme to fit your tone better.

  • Create a voice around health-related issues

Most of the office-goers today lead a sedentary lifestyle that can eventually be harmful to them. Therefore, one of the main components of the campaign can be around the fact how various health issues might arise because of it, and how cycling can change that.

  • Target those who lead an inactive lifestyle

While the previous point highlights the kind of tone your campaign should definitely have, it won’t make much sense if it is targeting healthy people who maintain a fit and active lifestyle. Create a forum of questionnaire that can be asked in corporate offices to track potential leads and then try and convert those leads.

  • Make it look safe and simple

Biking should be treated as the most simple and safest way to commute, especially if your office or locations you travel to are close by, and this shouldn’t even be a question. Lean on this as something that arguably most companies miss out on, and the simplicity of the campaign should delight your audience as well as you.