8 Home Gift Ideas that Rock

Buying cute decor for your house is exhilarating. There’s no better feeling than creating a place that truly feels like your safe haven. That’s why house gifts are the best! They give you the opportunity to help build someone’s home. But where do you start? How do you find cute, affordable gifts that are personal and individualized? 

This shopping experience can be stressful, so that’s why we have come up with the 8 best home gifts that can act as various additions to your home decor as well as your personal daily use. 

  1. Star Map

There are so many moments that are worthy of remembering, especially if those moments were between husband and wife, or parent and child. A custom star map allows you to travel back to the day those special moments occurred by showing how the stars appeared on that specific day. With this customized map, the stars instantly become a part of your special day. 

At Twinkle in Time , you can create your own star map. It is a beautiful display to put up in your home. It is printed on high-quality paper and ensures a clear and elegant presentation of how the stars appeared on that day. Maybe the day was when your child was born, bringing so much love and joy into your home. Or possibly it was the day you and your husband bought your first home. 

Whichever day it was, the star map is a perfect gift to buy for your significant other. With each star map comes a personal note, making it all the more individualized and memorable. 

2. Kool8 Water Bottle

Finding the perfect water bottle is harder than it looks. So many of them don’t last longer than a few years and fail to keep water cold throughout the day. Why is it so hard to purchase a stylish, but also durable water bottle? This is where the Kool8 sweeps in. 

The Kool8 is both a thermos and a cooling bottle! Fill it with all sorts of liquids (no one’s hating on you for your strange addiction to cherry cream soda. Okay maybe we are). With its double-walled insulation, this water bottle will keep your tea hot for 12 hours (and yes. A full 12 hours), and your water freezing cold until the day is over. 

              The best part about the bottle/thermos is that often times, we are so preoccupied with other things going on that we forget we even made a cup of tea in the first place. Your once hot chamomile tea is now barely lukewarm and nobody has time to go make another tea, one that will probably end in the same result. 

The Kool8 comes in different colors and designs which is why its the perfect gift. It was even ranked number 1 on Cool Things Chicago in their list of best water bottles of 2019. This bad boy (or girl) has stepped all over every other bottle in the industry, and it truly deserves that winning trophy. 

The Kool8 has people wondering what they ever did before they discovered it. Read this amazing review if you don’t believe me. This review praises the Kool8 for its ability to keep the tea warm all day, water cold for 24 hours and for giving back to the environment.

This water bottle will add a little spunk to your house with its fun and bright colors. Buy one for each family member and be cool together!

3. Protein Coffee 

Knowing that a cup of coffee awaits you in the morning makes waking up a whole lot easier. As the smell of freshly brewed java beans travels from room to room, feelings of stress dissipate. Coffee can be therapeutic. Now, protein coffee has made this experience go from an 8 to a solid 10. 

Protein coffee allows you to fill those protein gaps that need to be filled. Maybe your friend just became a dad and has absolutely no time to even think about making healthy, protein filled meals. Protein coffee is the perfect solution to this problem.

              Before I started drinking protein coffee, I had a hard time maintaining a healthy amount of protein in my body. Now, I never have to worry about not having enough. Adding extra protein to your daily intake helps me maintain it better, and multivitamins can compliment it as well. 

While looking up protein coffees I found Complete Nutrition. They have a variety of choices for different desires. Maybe someone needs to gain his/her strength back from all those sleepless nights tending to the baby, or maybe make up for lost gym time. Each coffee protein pack helps you reach different goals. 

              My favorite is their Ultimate Nutrition coffee. You can choose from a variety of flavors, my personal favorite being the caramel. Saying I enjoy drinking the caramel frappe flavored protein coffee is an understatement. It’s seriously mind-blowing how delicious it is. 

If you are looking to buy someone a rocking home gift, protein coffee is a unique choice. Not only does it supplement your daily nutritional intake, but it is also rich and tasty. 

4. Screen Print This Custom T-shirt 

Dressing your kids is fun, but imagine you could customize their clothes! With Screen Print This, you can create customized t-shirts for less than $20! Buy a plain white tee with a family picture printed on it, or a bright red one with an inside joke that only family would understand. 

Customized t-shirts are fun to create and even cuter to chill in. Get the whole family together and put on those hilariously embarrassing shirts that you are forcing the children to wear (don’t worry, they secretly love it but they’ll never say).  

At Screen Print This, you can choose from a variety of colors and designs. Each shirt is made from high-quality materials, ensuring a long-lasting, endlessly cute shirt. 

5. Zen Breeze Oil Diffuser 

Everyone wants to feel relaxed and at peace after a long day of work. That’s why oil diffusers are such great additions to a home. Specifically, the Zen Oil Diffuser . The Zen Breeze Oil Diffuser releases vibrating sound waves that cause an essential oil mist to diffuse into the air. The aroma is soothing and spa-like.

The Zen breeze diffuser can work for 10 hours with one filter and is super easy to clean and maintain. You just fill the humidifier with the chosen oils, and voila! As the mist is released, 14 different colors will emanate from the diffuser, fading into one another. Each color is soft and delicate, creating a spa-like atmosphere.

               Not only does it work as a diffuser but it can also be used as a nightlight. This Zen breeze oil diffuser is a perfect home gift for a family who wants a calmer and more relaxing environment. 

6. Living Fashions Place Mats 

If you have a loud and messy house, placemats might just save your life (and table). With a house full of kids, or even just one filled with you and your clumsy husband/wife, the odds of getting through a meal without a spill is lower than you traveling to the moon.

               Maybe traveling to the moon is an unrealistic goal, but successfully finishing a meal without at least two pieces of pizza ending up smeared all over the table is an impossible one. Placemats can seriously prevent a lot of food mayhem. 

The Livings Fashions Placemats come in four different designs and two colors, all made from high-quality cotton. Buy a cute navy blue starfish design or a navy blue anchor mat for the kids! There’s also white shell and white sand, which are more elegant and subtle. 

Whoever you buy these placemats for will thank you for giving them high-quality placemats and a cleaner, prettier home. 

7. Comfify Key Holder

Losing your keys is easy to do, and it’s also the most frustrating situation to run into. Without them, you can’t get anywhere, and its especially aggravating when it happens on one of those mornings when you’re already late for work. If only there was some type of system that would ensure your keys would never get lost. 

The Comfify key holder will make sure you always know where your keys are, so if it’s one of those mornings where everything seems to be going wrong and you keep spilling your coffee, at least you know where your keys are. 

This key holder mounts onto the wall in just a few minutes and has strong metal hooks that can hold several keys on one hook. With this stylish and modern key holder, your house will look less cluttered and feel homier. The Comfify key holder is a practical, and thoughtful gift. 

8. Big Joe Bean Bag Chair 

We all have those days when the couch gets too boring. That’s why a bean bag chair is just the right fit. Even though you pretend that bean bag chairs are really just for kids, you know you’ll jump right on once all the lights are off. 

Big Joe Lavender Bean Bag Chair is the best in the industry. They are known for their soft, cushiony seating. Each chair is 100 percent recyclable and made from 80 percent recycled materials. It compliments every room of the house, adding light and fun atmosphere. So now the question remains: To bean or not to bean? 

Hopefully, these 8 items have provided you with enough ideas for gifting. They are a great way to add some amazing essentials to your home. Health, luxury, and the environment are all important, so we tried to accommodate all of those into our suggestions.