RTA Cabinets for a Remodeling Project You Can Be Proud Of

There is so much that a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project can do for you. When it is complete, it can make you feel proud to live in your home and it can also increase its value. Nothing feels as refreshing as a new start and the perfect way to start on your kitchen or bathroom renovation is by choosing new cabinets.

You have two choices when getting those new cabinets installed. You can hire contractors which can increase the cost of your renovation project substantially. Or, you can install them yourself.  If that sounds too daunting, know that you have some wonderful options out there which can make it possible for even the least adept DIY-er to successfully install cabinets and save lots of money.

What Is RTA?

This stands for ready to assemble. RTA cabinets are quality products made of responsibly sourced materials which are delivered to you with everything you need to install them yourself. Choose the products from an experienced manufacturer in the industry and enjoy everything including accessories, hardware, pulls, handles, and molding.

Your items ship to you in pristine condition and you can get started installing them immediately. The RTA cabinets give you a chance to get truly beautiful wood cabinets in many styles and colors without paying a huge price for the cabinets themselves and the labor that goes into their installation.

Quality makers that have been in this business for decades offer clear instructions for installing them. You can follow along with the instructions included in your shipment or you can get them online. If you ever need additional help, it is just a phone call away.

When your cabinets have been installed, you will have the new kitchen or bath – or both – of your dreams. You can take pride in knowing that you did the work! You can also appreciate that you saved lots of money on their purchase and installation without compromising on quality at all.

RTA cabinets made by some companies come from responsibly sourced materials which look truly beautiful and will stay that way for decades. No one will guess that they were installed by an amateur.

See What is Available Online

If the idea of ready to assemble cabinets has got your interest, find out more now. There are online catalogs available which show the array of styles and finishes that you can choose from. Ask for a free sample from KnottyAlderCabinets.com to get a feel for their quality and to see how the shades you are considering will work in your bathroom or kitchen.

There is so much money to be saved by choosing the RTA cabinet route. You do not have to pay to have them assembled or installed. You can do it all yourself and feel impressed with the results.  You can also be sure that you will get a look for your project that may appear even more expensive than some of the pricier products available. No one will guess you did it the RTA way.