5 Secrets to Powerful Business Blogging

Does your business have a blog?

Are you looking for ways to draw more traction to your blog?  

If yes, dive right in to know the 5 best-kept secrets to powerful business blogging.   Here they are…

#1. Every article should be treated as a product

There enough and more bull**** content out there. So if you plan to add to the already existing garbage, rest assured, your blog will never attract traffic, let alone conversions.

So, if want your business blog to stand out, then there’s no other way but produce content that’s of high-quality. In fact, if you take your high-quality blog post up by several notches by treating it as a product. Yes, you read that right. Considering your blog post as a product will automatically put you in a businessman’s shoes and make you think and act like a businessman.

For instance, before launching a product, businesses usually test its viability via an MVC model. Only if the MVC model does well, businesses think of monetizing the product by adding more features, and so on. Likewise, before writing and publishing a full-fledged blog, you could test its demand in the market by tweeting a little bit about it, or you could try posting minimum viable content on Linkedin and check the response rate for the same.  If the response is good enough for your MVC, you know you have a winning content in hand.

From a business point of view, a product is something that people pay to acquire? Similarly, ask yourself while writing your post, “Will people pay to read this content?” The answer to this question will help you decide how to go about with your content and make it monetization worthy. (Though the idea is to not to make money here, but attract more traffic.) For one, you could add stats and make it more in-depth and actionable by adding more research to it.  That’s the only way to offer more value to your readers, which might even tempt them to pay for your content.

You can even consult top content marketing companies to produce high-quality content.       

#2. Refer Unconventional sources

If you keep reading the same mundane business blogs, you are gonna write the same mundane content. Break the monotony. Check out something unusual and unrelated and then tie it back to your original idea. If you do not know, some of the best bloggers of this world are known to draw inspirations from everyday lives for their blog posts.   

This is critical if you want to generate traction for your blog. With increasing competition and decreased attention spans, it’s important for you to work on some unconventional approaches to make your blog stand apart from the crowd.   

In fact, I know of tech bloggers who regularly check out Cosmo or similar magazines to steal some attention-grabbing headlines for their blogs.  Not surprisingly, these bloggers manage to get the much-deserved attention, thanks to their compelling headline that draws the reader.

You could even look at LinkedIn Today to find fresh content ideas.  

#3. Study Competitor Blogs

When it comes to studying your competitor’s blog check out the following things:

Also, it’s beneficial to use SEMrush to carry out comprehensive keyword research on your competitor’s blogs. This will help you narrow down the keywords and the variations of keywords that are driving traffic to your competitor blog,   

#4. Guest Blog Often

Some of the successful business blogs are into guest blogging and it’s paying off as well.

Regardless it’s growing importance; make sure that you don’t pick up any random sites. In other words, you need to be really choosy of the sites you are planning to guest blog. Also, the quality of the content should be great, and also the links you embedded within. Done right, guest blogging is sure to fetch you more traffic and help you build a solid reputation in your niche.  

#5. Add a dash of Personality

If anything, putting in place all the aspects of the blog won’t be enough to bring in the required traffic. You need to add personality to your content as well. Blogs that contain the brand’s voice, personality and style are said to hook more readers. So, let your feelings flow in your content.  Display your company’s unique side to your readers that they won’t find in their competitors.

Also, don’t make your posts promotional. The idea is to build trust and credibility and provide educational content that readers could make use of. This is will help build true followers for your blog.  

#6: Add Expert Interviews

Interviewing experts makes sense because they’ll offer insightful comments that will add a ton of value to your content. More importantly, they will share the article within their community.  

So, interviewing experts leads to two things: #1. The expert, in all likelihood, will share the content with his community. #2. You get valuable content for your readers and subscribers.  To track experts in your field, you can take help of the some of the best in the industry. GoodFirms has listed a few hundred top digital marketing companies who can help you in this regard.   

Over to you now

I know there are tons of ideas out there that could help you build a powerful business blog. Have you come across any other powerful tip that could make your business blog a tool to attract more traffic?   

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Author Bio: This is Jennifer Warren, a Content Consultant with GoodFirms, a review and research platform for eCommerce development companies, digital marketing companies among many others.  I enjoy humanizing technology through inspirational content, devouring best sellers, watching war movies, and running behind my sunshine sons.