® Provides Reliable Marketing Information® specializes in providing high quality data services to companies across the country. The company offers databases, data cleansing and enhancement services, an API solution and marketing lists which include email lists, mailing lists and business lists. While data sales aren’t a new concept,® takes it a step further. The company triple verifies it’s business data for accuracy before the consumer ever sees it, ensuring that the information is up-to-date and accurate. Poor quality data is, unfortunately, a common occurrence with many other companies. This article will highlight just a small sampling of the many services that® offers to its customers.

Professional mailing lists provide companies with information regarding the key players and executives within companies. This is a highly valuable product for several reasons. When marketing to a business, finding the true decision maker can often be challenging. Speaking to the wrong people or trying to get information from the gatekeeper can often prove itself to be a waste of time. With®, the information is verified by the company. This results in information with the contact data you need to make the sale. The company also provides information for doctors and other important healthcare staff. Professionals such as attorneys and business owners are also in the mix. You’ll be able to get everything you need with professional mailing list services from®.

New homeowner mailing lists are another popular service that® provides. Since new homeowners are often in the market to buy many products and services, this is a very valuable product. You’ll receive the most up-to-date information to be able to get in touch with new homeowners. They offer 60K new homeowners every single week. This is a very valuable service for nearly any company or professional.® also offers new business list products. These are great for professionals who market to other companies. Business-to-business sales leads are often hard to come by. Plus, they’re often full of old information, and many of the businesses have even closed.® provides information such as the demographics, type of business, brands sold, and tax classification.® does all the legwork so that you’ll have fresh information and new leads all the time.

Consumer mailing lists are another product that’s offered by®. The triple check provides businesses and executives with up-to-date information. Consumer mailing lists are notorious for providing information that’s inaccurate and dated.® provides valuable information that will generate a positive response rate. The company has 245 million names in its growing database. The information you’ll get includes head of household information, buying patterns, credit scores, home data, and much more. Marketing to the right prospects not only saves you a tremendous amount of time, but also leads to increased revenue.® is confident in its products. Many products offer a free sampling of the information you’d receive. This way, you can see for yourself what results it can help you produce. The company even has demographic data that’s highly useful to nonprofits and government agencies. It provides you with fresh sales leads, email marketing lists, consumer databases, and much more. The® website and blog provides a wealth of information. Getting the right information means that you’ll be able to grow your company rather than trying to track down customers.