The Newest Digital Marketing Trends

As a professional marketer, who lives or dies by the clicks and the traffic and the ROI, you’re always on the lookout for all the latest trends that are affecting and shaping your brand’s marketing strategies. So it’s only natural to ask yourself these kind of questions each day as you commute to work or fire up the laptop at home:

What’s the competition doing today?

How can I stay one jump ahead of them?

And how do I keep abreast of the latest algorithms and Facebook rules that impact my particular brand marketing campaigns?

Here are several basic things to do to keep from biting your nails past the cuticles in nervous dread about your competition and new tech suprises:

First, sign up for several newsletters that concentrate on marketing trends for your brand/product. They keep you up to date on the latest tech and trends, and give examples from other marketers that you can pick up on.

Next, don’t be afraid to pick your employees’ brains — especially those in marketing and sales. But don’t discount something just because it comes from an inventory specialist. You’ll be surprised how much technical and trending stuff your staff picks up on their lunch hours and after work — after all, it’s their job on the line, too, if marketing falls on its face!