How AI Will Change Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing and artificial intelligence are cementing their partnership more firmly than ever as 2019 comes racing up. Using its ability to analyze data, after collecting it, and then to actually extrapolate that data and turn it into a learning experience, AI is turning the marketing industry on its head — but in a good and productive way. It improves every digital marketing strategy and makes available invaluable customer insights for any company. You can learn more about artificial intelligence by taking an artificial intelligence course from Intellipaat, which is taught by industry experts

Here are just some of the ways artificial intelligence is transforming today’s digital marketing world:

Helping users to better digital experiences

Using historical data, location, and past behavior patterns, AI can concoct a unique consumer experience for every visitor that visits a landing page — engaging them with content that is edited to mirror their interests and perceived needs. This in turn leads the consumer to believe the brand has been built to their own specifications, and the sales begin to multiply.

Customer support in real time

AI chatbots now give customers the same kind of service that a real person can. In most cases customers never know they are dealing with an algorithm instead of a rep sitting in a customer service center. And most of the time the customer gets better results from a chatbot, because it can scan data and intel so fast that in many cases it has the answer to the customer’s question before he or she is quite done typing it in!