Exploring Maui With Kids: A Guide

Wondering what to do in Maui with kids? Have no fear! You can still have an awesome time on the island with the little ones in tow. Follow this quick guide to have a great vacation on the Valley Isle with the whole family!

Places to Visit

Haleakalā National Park

Haleakalā National Park is an amazing natural paradise spanning the huge dormant volcano that makes up 75% of the island of Maui. Take a Haleakalā Sunrise Bike Tour to the volcano’s summit, hike the many trails around volcanic landscapes that look straight from outer space, immerse yourself in the rich local culture and agriculture, or check out the sunset and stay to view the night sky in the observatory. No matter which Haleakalā activity you do, the kids will be happy campers.

Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is one of the most beautiful and inspiring drives on the planet, so you wouldn’t want your kids to miss this amazing experience. Watch them stare in wonder as they pass from one gorgeous landscape to the next, soaking in all of Maui’s splendor and diversity from the comfort of the back seat (or bus seat if you go with a family tour). The drive is 60+ miles and will take all day, so prepare well with plenty of snacks, drinks, extra clothing, games, pillows, blankets, and an emergency kit.

Maui Ocean Center

Maui Ocean Center is the main aquarium of Hawai’i and perfect for aspiring marine biologists to check out some of Maui’s diverse ocean life without having to take a dip.

Baby Beach

For kids that are old enough to snorkel, you won’t want to miss Baby Beach in Lahaina. The beach waters are still and calm thanks to the surrounding reef, so be prepared to see lots of sea turtles, starfish, reef dwellers, and more!

Maui Butterfly Farm

The Maui Butterfly Farm in Lahaina focuses on conservation of some of Maui’s endangered butterfly species and offers a 45-minute deep dive into everything about these beautiful creatures. A little expensive but worth the price. Reservations are required.

Whale Watching Tour

If your family visits between December and April, Maui’s northwest shores are some of the best in the world for whale watching. Feeling more adventurous? Take to the high seas on one of the island’s many whale watching tours from Lahaina Harbor or Maalea Harbor.

Kanapali Beach

Nestled on the western side of the island, Kanapali Beach is close to several family-friendly resorts and offers great surfing, snorkeling, beach activities, and sunbathing. A win for the whole family!

Lahaina Old Town

Add some educational content to your family vacation with a visit to Lahaina’s Old Town, where you’ll be immersed in Maui’s rich history and culture. Featuring museums, cultural landmarks, local shops, and award-winning restaurants, Old Town is a great way to experience Maui beyond the beaches.

Places to Stay

Maui has so many great places to stay, but some are just more kid-friendly than others. If you’re searching for a Maui resort that caters to the kids, try out these options:

Make Your Family Trip to Maui Unforgettable

With a little forethought and planning, you can make a Maui vacation with the kids a magical experience. Do your research, plan ahead, make reservations, and focus on kid-friendly activities and areas to get the most out of the trip and keep the little ones happy. Aloha!

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